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It is important to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing, and in an increasingly busy, stressful world, this can be difficult. Here at A.Vogel Talks Mental Wellbeing, our mental wellbeing advisor Marianna Kilburn provides all the information you need about a variety of aspects of mental wellbeing, from a simple low mood, to depression and anxiety. We have also provided a Q&A service where you can ask Marianna any questions you have about mental wellbeing.


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  • Elaine's photo avatar
    Elaine — 14.12.2017 22:03
    Feel very stressed, overwhelmed and feel unsupported and unappreciated.


    • marianna's photo avatar
      marianna — 15.12.2017 08:48
      Hello Elaine, Sorry to hear that you are feeling so stressed. I hope the article and information on this page will help you. Share your feelings with a close family member or friend as it is important to look after yourself. If I can be of further assistance let me know.


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Did you know?

When we feel stressed or anxious our body responds as though we are under attack, releasing a surge of adrenaline which can cause a number of baffling bodily behaviours including palpitations, shortness of breath and even a dry mouth!

The physical symptoms our emotions cause

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