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Hot flushes

75% of menopausal women have had experience of hot flushes


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  • Grace T's photo avatar
    Grace T — 23.07.2018 15:47
    Need to know more about hot flushes


  • Susan's photo avatar
    Susan — 04.06.2018 02:57
    Live some help


  • Lorraine Tall's photo avatar
    Lorraine Tall — 28.03.2018 12:52
    I'm 75 yrs old and get hot flushes on average of one per hour. It is debilitating and uncomfortable. What can I do?


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 29.03.2018 12:30
      Hi Lorraine It is best to get this checked out by your doctor as flushes happening at this age may be caused by other health issues. Ask your doctor to test you for low iron, thyroid function, low vitamin D and B12 as these could cause similar symptoms. If these are all fine then you may have what is called Adrenal Fatigue, especially if you have had on-going or severe stress/anxiety. Acupuncture can often be effective for this so worth looking into and I would also suggest a magnesium supplement 200mg twice a day and a vitamin B Complex. Remember to drink lots of plain water as sweats/flushes can dehydrate you very quickly and dehydration can cause rebound flushes and sweats! You may also find taking a sage tablet can help to ease the flushes, this usually works quite quickly.


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