Pepper recipes

Peppers, also known as capsicums, come in a range of vibrant colours. However, it is not just a bright splash that they bring to a dish, but a range of nutritional benefits. Particularly high in vitamin C, peppers can help to keep your immune system strong. Add some colour and goodness into your cooking with our tasty recipes below.

Fried Egg in Bell Pepper

Looking for something a little different and colourful for breakfast? Cook your eggs in bell peppers for an easy, fun and simple breakfast treat.

Pepper Stuffed with Lentils

Stuffed peppers are so easy to make and are very tasty, versatile and filling – the perfect vegetarian dish.

Tomato and Pepper Salsa

A great way to use up leftover tomatoes and red peppers, this lightly spiced Mexican inspired homemade salsa tastes great and is easy to make.

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