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Cystitis symptoms - fever

Why might fever be a symptom of cystitis?

A fever occurs as a natural response to infection and can either be an attempt to kill off bacteria by increasing the body temperature, or a sign that your body is struggling to cope with the infection. Our women's health advisor, Emma Thornton, explores the nature of fevers, and what to do if you develop this cystitis symptom.


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  • Gary Shelton 's photo avatar
    Gary Shelton — 19.06.2018 07:36
    I'm a 57 year old man and in the past week I've been diagnosed with cystitis my urine sometimes burns or tingling and I noticed I have only been urinating short period but going nearly every 5 minutes, my pharmacy over the weekend advised me to ring 111 which I did, the doctor said it was a water infection and gave me antibiotics. At moment they seam to be working but at night time in bed one minute im freezing cold and shivering and soon after im over heating with sweat and headache.


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 20.06.2018 11:51
      Hi Gary, as your doctor suspects, this may well be a urine infection or a bout of cystitis. Some Uva-ursi complex may be useful in the meantime, however if your symptoms persist or get any worse we would say to return to your doctor in case the infections spreads or there is some other underlying cause which hasn’t yet been identified.


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Cystitis is sometimes known as ‘honeymoon cystitis’. Why? Well, during sex, bacteria can spread from the perineum to the urethral opening. The risk of developing cystitis is therefore increased depending on the frequency you have intercourse (sorry honeymooners!).

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