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Back pain causes

What is causing my back pain?


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  • Robert Daniell's photo avatar
    Robert Daniell — 24.12.2017 10:04
    3 weeks ago i started getting and having lower back stiffness pains and am still having them including around the hip area,it all started upon the right side then shifted round to the left,now its back upon the right and just when i thought it was going its back again. also 2 weeks ago as prescribed i was put onto a medication of Ramipril 2.5mg,would these at all be the cause? before i wasn't having any problems only the occasional lower back stiffness which lasted only a day or two,. any suggestion what is causing this lower back stiffness and annoying pains?.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 03.01.2018 14:24
      Hello Robert I shouldn’t think the Ramipril are responsible. I’ve checked the side effects and joint/muscle aches isn’t listed, see As to the common causes, they’re listed in the article. Which one is responsible is difficult to say without consulting a physiotherapist or osteopath.


  • Martin's photo avatar
    Martin — 16.10.2017 03:47
    I get the back pain wen im in bed and it is in the midle of my back on both sids of my spine


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 16.10.2017 12:08
      Hello Martin There may be a mechanical reason for this, such as a spinal, postural or muscular issue and it’s very difficult to advise without more information as to the cause. You can certainly try taking some of our Dormeasan drops for better sleep and they may also help relax the area somewhat too but you need also to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor to get to the underlying issue.


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