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Weight gain and the menopause

Menopause can cause you to gain weight. Find out why this is and what you can do about it


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  • DIane's photo avatar
    DIane — 15.03.2018 07:37
    Hi Eileen I have not had a period now for two years. I am 54 and have suffered hot flushes, night sweats brain fog and various other symptoms that I am blaming the menopause for. I feel I can cope with all these and the main most upsetting symptom for me is weight gain. I have gained a stone in 1 year. I am considering HRT as my mum who is 81 now used it and thought it really worked for her. The only thing putting me off is the fear of putting on even more weight. My diet is really healthy and I don't eat carbs but do crave sugar. I have had my thyroid checked which is ok and I walk regularly and do pilates twice a week. My clothes are all too tight and I really just feel like staying in bed in the morning as it's a struggle to find anything nice to wear - help.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 16.03.2018 14:25
      Hi Diane Unfortunately, some HRTs do have weight gain as a side effect so you would need to ask your doctor to find you a suitable one that doesn't have this effect. I would also ask your doctor to re-check your thyroid with a more comprehensive one, basic thyroid tests often come back negative when, in fact, you may well have an underactive thyroid. If your sugar cravings are quite severe you could take a chromium Supplement which can often be of benefit see Pharma Nord's Bio Chromium.


  • Lyn's photo avatar
    Lyn — 29.01.2018 16:08
    I am struggling with weight gain I am post menopause now and take now take Indivina 2mg/5mg tablets after trying different ones after Prempak C was discontinued


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 30.01.2018 10:27
      Hi Lyn Some HRTs do have weight gain as a side effect so it may be an idea to check the Patient Information Leaflet that came with the tablets to see if this is the case with the ones you are taking. If so then it is quite difficult to lose the weight as it is being caused hormonally. However you can check your diet as well, many women find going on a low carb diet very helpful and remember not to cut calories to drastically as this can cause weight gain too! Check out the Low GL Diet or the Paleo Diet for some ideas.


  • Tanya Jeyasingham's photo avatar
    Tanya Jeyasingham — 29.12.2017 07:51
    Interested to find out more about the symptoms im experiencing during menopause.


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