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Upper back pain

Upper back pain is normally caused by a muscular injury and occurs less frequently than lower back pain

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  • van's photo avatar
    van — 08.11.2017 01:38
    Hi! I have been feeling upper back pain and also my neck numbss since last week.Whenever I am dont do anything it starts to numb as well.Can you help me please.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 08.11.2017 13:42
      Hello Van We’re not able to give very specific advice as we can’t examine you. There’s a link on this page to exercises that may well help but if they don’t, you’ll need to see a chiropractor or osteopath for a proper check over to identify the cause.


  • Heya's photo avatar
    Heya — 04.11.2017 14:02
    I have upper back pain and brown color vaginal discharge im worried..can u plz help and tel wt it can be


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 06.11.2017 12:31
      Hi, the brown vaginal discharge could mean that you are starting your period, this often comes hand in hand with some abdominal cramps, that in some cases can radiate through to the back. However, upper back pain isn’t so common and may not be connected. If your symptoms persist or you are worried, we would recommend you go to your doctor.


    • Heya's photo avatar
      Heya — 07.11.2017 11:02
      Discharge started 3 after my peroids were over


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 07.11.2017 16:01
      Hi there, again, this could just be some older blood leaving the body but if in any doubt, or if you are worried, I would recommend you go to your doctor.


  • Lisa's photo avatar
    Lisa — 30.10.2017 17:11
    Hi I fell off the bed backwards and landed on my neck with all my body weight on top of me, this was nearly 3 months ago and the pain seems to be getting worse. When I move in certain ways it's like a really sharp pain and I cannot move. Any ideas?


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 31.10.2017 10:21
      Hello Lisa The neck is a very complex set of vital blood vessels and structures and so is one of those parts of the body that you should always seek specialist help. I can't give you much more than the general advice found on our neck pain webpage I'm afraid: We can't examine you and so are unable to give personalised advice but you may find starting some of the exercises described and taking some extra magnesium helpful. Your best bet for individual treatment is to visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist.


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