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Upper back pain

Upper back pain is normally caused by a muscular injury and occurs less frequently than lower back pain

Some foods can increase inflammation and discomfort, whilst others can actually reduce it and relieve pain. Discover which foods you should eat fewer of (some might surprise you) and what you should eat more of instead, when suffering from muscle & joint pain.

Discover suprising foods you should avoid


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  • Olamide Enitan's photo avatar
    Olamide Enitan — 22.02.2018 06:03
    Am just about to try this I pray it works


  • Derick's photo avatar
    Derick — 28.01.2018 04:24
    My name is Derick from kenya. My mother is diabetic type 2 and she is having a high blood pressure condition. Recently she developed a dry cough that has been persistent for months now. We have taken her even to the best hospital in our country but they have not been able to find out what is causing the cough. She is 63 years old.kindly help. All the tests the doctors recommend comes negative.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 29.01.2018 14:21
      Hello Derick I’m very sorry but I can’t offer an explanation where the best hospitals have failed. Have you read the list of possible side effects associated with your mother’s medication? You may find ‘Cough’ Listed there.


  • Joshua Glenn's photo avatar
    Joshua Glenn — 22.01.2018 04:45
    Hello sir, I'm a 15 year old kid and i really need your advise about my upper-right neck pain. It is really annoying because its like the pain controls my movement. It also hurts when drinking a water. I really need your advise.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 23.01.2018 12:56
      Hello Joshua I’m sorry but because we can’t examine you, we can’t determine what is causing your problems. You need to see a doctor for a proper examination so you can take the right medicine and do the correct exercises.


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