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Joint pain is common and can arise from a number of health issues


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  • Susan's photo avatar
    Susan — 27.09.2017 14:30
    Hello. Developing a painful right hip together with neck and back pain (clicking). Chiropractor said it was a twisted pelvis with arthritis starting in the hip. Am trying water and exercises, but find walking difficult now. I am 62. My father and brother have joint problems, so no doubt hereditary.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 27.09.2017 16:05
      Hello Susan As your chiropractor has been able to properly examine you and has discovered a mechanical issue, our help is limited to recommending our Atrogel simply as an aid to enabling activities such as swimming or the exercises. There's nothing we can offer to adjust a twisted pelvis but we may be able to reduce your discomfort enough to allow you to perform the tasks your chiropractor recommends.


  • Paula's photo avatar
    Paula — 10.09.2017 15:05
    Hi I have joint pain in my elbows and hips. I'm finding it difficult to pick things up with an outstretched arm, e.g. my hand bag or dinner plate.I assumed it was to do with the menapause. Can you suggest anything?


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 12.09.2017 10:59
      Hello Paula Your hip and elbow pain may or may not have a common cause. For example, they may both be caused by the menopause causing the synovial fluid bubble in those areas to dry out and the tendons to be less supple, or the elbow pain could be a touch of tendonitis or bursitis caused by leaning on them at your workdesk. Either way, please consider applying some Atrogel 2-4x/day for quick relief but do consider a product like Menopause Support if you think they've appeared since the hormones started wobbling.


  • Usman's photo avatar
    Usman — 03.07.2017 18:53
    I have a problem if joint pain in my knees and in ankle. Kindly suggest me the remedy.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 04.07.2017 11:08
      Hello Usman I can't offer any advice without further information. What was the cause? How long has it hurt? Is there swelling? Has a doctor examined it?


    • Usman's photo avatar
      Usman — 04.07.2017 13:56
      Its from last one month. There is no swelling. And i did`nt go to doctor yet.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 04.07.2017 14:03
      Hello Usman I can only guess what is wrong as we can't examine you but it sounds like some ligament stretch, perhaps caused by a problem in your feet. Here's a page that might be of interest:


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