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Lumbago is an old term used to describe pain in the lower back

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  • Joanne's photo avatar
    Joanne — 18.09.2017 20:21
    Hi this my first lower back pain ever I am 46 year old women who is always active all day taking care of toddlers all day as well as being a clean freak ... I am very surprised to have a stiff back at first and gradually increased to severe pain where it hurts to move which really frustrated me because I not use to having limitations... I was thinking of anything that I did to have caused this but I didn't exercise or carry anything heavy but nothing besides my normal day ... I went Emergency and they did X-ray and they said everything looked ok and I had muscle strain and will just gradually go away with time ...


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 19.09.2017 10:29
      Hello Joanne The experts at the hospital are most likely correct, as muscle strain can sometimes happen after several weeks of overuse, rather than one episode of heavy lifting. Cleaning and childcare involves a lot of back work and so you'd be in a category of people prone to occasional injury. Apply some of our Atrogel in addition to any painkillers you may be taking for additional relief.


  • Frankline Magatti's photo avatar
    Frankline Magatti — 27.08.2017 12:34
    In which hospital in my country she can get treated and how will she be treated please help me my mother is in hospital bed


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 29.08.2017 12:00
      Hello Frankline I'm afraid I've no knowledge of Tanzania so can't help you.


  • Frankline Magatti 's photo avatar
    Frankline Magatti — 24.08.2017 20:51
    My Lovely mother had back pain i think it might be lumbago how can she get Treatment from Tanzania


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 25.08.2017 11:31
      Hello Frankline I'm sorry but I have no knowledge of the health provisions in your country so can't advise you.


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