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Lumbago is an old term used to describe pain in the lower back


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  • Jacqueline Broughton 's photo avatar
    Jacqueline Broughton — 16.07.2018 14:05
    Hi I suffer from Fibromylagia, arthritis, lupus, high blood pressure, heart palpation, and diabetes. Now I've started having Lumbago with sciatica pain. I really need help.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 17.07.2018 06:24
      Hello Jacqueline Presumably you’ve seen doctors and have tried, or are taking, several medications without adequate success. My best advice is to contact a medical Herbalist through their rofessional body, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. They’ll take your full medical history and begin from there.


  • Kathryn's photo avatar
    Kathryn — 19.02.2018 15:55
    Hi I'm Kathryn and for 7 weeks now I have been in total agony it started with lower back pain and now the pain shoots down my leg into my calf sometimes into my toes I'm scheduled for an x-ray tomorrow 19/2/2018 hopefully find out what is causing it some days u van walk some days i struggle


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 20.02.2018 20:27
      Hello Kathryn I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve ruptured a disc but as we can’t X-ray you over the internet, I hope your x-ray provided the answer you needed.


  • Andy thomas's photo avatar
    Andy thomas — 06.02.2018 00:28
    Hi Earle, My name is Andy and I have been struggling with lower back stiffness/sciatica and possibly priformis pain. I was advised rest would help but pain seems to be consistent to my day to day activities. I have not played sport in 6 months and feel a bit down. Any advice and possible product that could help? Many thanks Andy thomas


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 07.02.2018 17:42
      Hello Andy Unfortunately, Lumbago has several causes as does sciatica, due to the numerous tissues in the region and factors such as posture, degenerative disc issues, spinal curvature plus habits such as sitting for long periods. Therefore it’s down to a physio to examine individuals before specific exercises can be recommended confidently. However, a piriformis stretch can relieve some cases of Lumbago and sciatica. Here’s how to do it: For a degree of pain relief that might enable you to perform the stretch, try applying our Atrogel half an hour beforehand and have a warm shower or bath if necessary. Do persevere as the piriformis will only lengthen gradually over a week or two of daily stretching.


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