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Skin problems are normally mild irritations and not considered to be serious

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An introduction to skin problems

Skin problems refer to issues that cause minor or mild irritation, and do not normally require medical attention. Sunburn, for example, is not considered to be a serious condition as the symptoms normally start to clear up within a week.

Although skin problems like dry skin can be linked to larger skin condition, sometimes they can be triggered by lifestyle factors such as your diet or cosmetics.

The chemicals in certain products and plants can irritate your skin but normally the symptoms diminish when you eliminate the trigger.

Sunburn and hives are both classified as skin problems.

The causes of skin problems

Skin problems are normally superficial in nature and do not usually affect your overall health and wellbeing. Below are a few of the most common causes of skin problems, although more information can be found in the specific pages.

  • Diet and lifestyle: Your diet and lifestyle are often at the root of most skin problems. If you do not consume enough fluids, for example, then your skin cells will start to become dehydrated, lacking in essential moisture, and eventually your epidermis will become brittle. This symptom will not usually persist though and once you increase your fluid intake, the issue should resolve itself
  • Cosmetics: The chemicals contained in conventional cosmetic products can sometimes be abrasive and irritate your skin. This can be easily rectified though, if you consider switching from traditional skin care options to organic fragrance-free alternatives
  • Irritants: Irritants are chemicals or compounds that can be quite abrasive on your skin. Many people, for example, find that chlorine can irritate their skin, or that certain plants, such as the stinging nettle, can stimulate an episode of hives
  • UV radiation: Sunshine can be good at supplying you with vitamin D, but UV radiation can cause photoaging and dry out your skin by burning away the essential oils and fats that inhabit the epidermis. Sunburn can often be the result, but this problem is usually mild and will usually start to clear up with treatment
  • Skin conditions/infections: Unfortunately, a pre-existing skin condition or skin infection can often cause common skin problems to manifest, such as oily or dry skin. These symptoms should start to diminish when your infection/condition receives proper treatment.

The treatment of skin problems

Skin problems are normally a topical issue, remedied through the use of medicinal and natural creams. Comfrey Cream is usually recommended for aging skin, particularly if you find that your skin is dry and listless. If you find that your skin has become chapped and brittle, we might advise Bioforce Cream instead, as this is good for symptoms like flaking and peeling.

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