8 food trends not to be missed in 2018!

From probiotics to organic shopping, we outline the biggest trend to get on board with

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17 January 2018

1. Pre- and pro-biotic foods

Fermented foods made a bit of a splash last year and the hype is set to continue. Gut health is at the forefront of naturopathic medicine and is becoming more mainstream than ever. Last year, for example, we saw prebiotics featuring on STV’s ‘Save Money: Good Food’ which sparked lots of interest. Viewers saw the impact that introducing prebiotics such as Molkosan could have on a number of surprising symptoms, and in a very short space of time for example, having positive effects on an expanding waistline.

So the interest is set to grow this year with more research than ever and more pre- and probiotic products set to become available on the market. From traditional fermented staples such as natto thought to become even more accessible, to innovative, new products such as bacteria-boosting chocolate and even honey due to arrive – we can’t wait!



2. Veganism

With Veganuary setting the year off to a strong start, more people than ever will be adopting a vegan lifsetyle. Other trends, including flexitarianism, are on the rise too, as more of us attempt to reduce our intake of meat and dairy products. People are finally becoming much more conscious of the environmental impact their food choices may be having, and also more aware of the beneficial effects that adopting a primarily plant-based diet, can have on one’s health. Just watch out for lots of interesting ‘meat alternatives’ cropping up – we say keep it clean and stick to fresh food alternatives as much as possible!

3. Health drinks

Last year we saw turmeric lattes make it big and kombucha sparked some interest, and in 2018 we’re predicting more ‘health drinks’ are likely to crop up. More exotic coffee alternatives are likely to appear as the demand for decaff options increases, then we can bet more fermented drink options start to become available too. Dairy alternatives will most likely grow in popularity also, such as Oat milk, which is thought to boast a number of health benefits. Plus, wait for it, drinkable vinegars, yes vinegars, are also thought to start making an appearance after all the hype around apple cider vinegar from last year gets cranked up a notch.

4. Organic shoppers

Organic shopping is set to increase too as more emphasis is put on the effects environmental toxins could be having on our health, not to mention the health of our planet and the other animals we share it with. Very much in line with our own principles, more efforts are thought to start turning towards saving the bees too.  Bees are thought to be critical for pollinating up to 70 types of different crops, without them we’d be pretty lost. So we need to protect them by going organic and avoiding the use of nasty pesticides! Everything from organic food to organic beauty products are thought to see a surge in sales this year.

5. Upping the anti-inflammatories

Last year we saw turmeric take off and this year we are likely to see other anti-inflammatories step into the limelight – ginger may well be making a bit of a comeback in some exciting new forms, and some new superpowders may well make quite an impression such as Moringa. Then, it’s not just foods, but anti-inflammatory lifestyles that are likely to be hot topics, think low sugar, low caffeine and sensible  intermittent fasting regimes which give your body some well needed rest, ahhh.

6. Birch

As ‘health drinks’ will be the next big thing, birch water as well as other herb and plant-based waters are thought to make it big, cactus water too! We’re well accustomed to this important ingredient – birch – you’ll find it in both our Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice and our Golden Rod tea – it works lovely for helping to support the urinary tract.  

7. ‘Clean label’ products

Much in line with the veganism and organic shopping themes, people are set to think more consciously about what they are consuming, and more specifically, some of the scary ingredients lists of the products they are consuming! More of us will be seeking out minimally processed, fresh ingredients and quite simply fewer ingredients, and we agree completely. This is a principle we’ve stuck to since the very start – remember, more isn’t always better – quality over quantity people!

8. Adaptogens

We’re going to be shouting about mental health awareness much more in 2018. Mental health issues affect a surprising number of people, and in a surprising number of different ways. Think mood, stress and mental clarity to name a few. Adaptogens are a unique class of herbs and roots which help your body deal better with stress; so whether it’s ashwagandha for stress, or ginseng for some general body vigour, adaptogens could soon be more top of mind. These often come in capsules, tincture form, as teas, or in handy powders which can easily be added to smoothies – ideal!

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