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  • Joy 's photo avatar
    Joy — 28.10.2017 18:27
    Hi I have been suffering a cold and I did all the usual taking cold remedies I was starting to feel find but then I got a cough and now I feel worse than before.I am waking with aches and pains and I am sleeping a lot.i was wondering if the menopause has a part to play.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 28.10.2017 19:20
      Hello Joy. Going through the menopause can have an impact on your immune system and make you more prone to infections. Developing a cough might suggest that you have picked up a bacterial complication to the original viral infection. Signs to look out for include green or yellow mucus, blood in your spit and breathlessness. If you are not feeling better in the next 24 hours or so, you should make an urgent appointment to see your doctor.


  • Lois's photo avatar
    Lois — 06.10.2017 09:39
    What an excellent article. I'm in the throes of a cold at the moment and I had completely forgotten that I had Echinacea tea in the kitchen cupboard. I shall dig it out immediately. I think I will get Echinaforce also. Thank you.


  • shawn's photo avatar
    shawn — 07.09.2017 11:34
    I've read that Echinacea may not be recommended for people with autoimmune conditions. I'd love confirmation (or not) on this.


    • Jen's photo avatar
      Jen — 08.09.2017 09:46
      Hello Shawn, Please consult the Patient Information Leaflet for all contraindications, which include autoimmune conditions. We advise anyone with a serious medical condition to consult their healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements. I hope this information helps.


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