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Stress at work

Work is a common contributor to stress

With work dominating the lives of many, it is perhaps not surprising that stress at work is a common complaint. Mental wellbeing advisor Marianna Kilburn talks about why workplace stress occurs, and what you can about it.


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  • James bruford's photo avatar
    James bruford — 28.09.2017 03:26
    Constantly bullied at work off supervisor.


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 29.09.2017 09:20
      Hello James, Sorry to hear that you are in a very difficult situation at work. Although, Stress Relief Day herbal remedy might take the edge off any stress and anxiety. However, it appears that it is the situation and environment which is causing the issue. Do you have a colleague or an HR department that you can talk to about this. If your organisation has a policy, it should tell you what your first steps should be. It should also advise you on how to start to address the issue.


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