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Acid reflux and a dry cough

A dry cough as the result of acid reflux


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  • Joycuttiepie's photo avatar
    Joycuttiepie — 30.06.2018 15:39
    Hi I was having this heartburn, the back of my throat hurts but then my nose too and my chest area.... it's like a hurt burn thang.... so I bought a heart burn drink for me to feel relieve... but ut did nothing... it just made me more comfortable for minutes.... after day I took a erythromycin beacuse I have this unexplainable cough... and then now the left part of my stomach hurts.... I think I have this but how could I help my self with this maam


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 03.07.2018 05:33
      This sounds like acid reflux, which is causing inflammatory pain (and damage if it goes on for long enough) to your oesophagus. Antibiotics will not help a cough that is caused by reflux. You can use Silicol gel, but it is also very important to look carefully at your eating habits to see why you are having reflux. Download my free digestion booklet and read the first part about how to eat calmly and promote good stomach function.


  • Rabeya's photo avatar
    Rabeya — 03.01.2018 18:42
    Hello I have been suffering from Acid relfux and persistant dry cough which has turned into now more of painful upper larynx and very very painful glands since August last year when it all started. Have been to GP so many times and everytime they prescribed Omeprazole 40 mg take and Ranitidine. I'm still awaiting for the referral to the hospital but no luck yet. I have not been eating properly for the last 6 month. Been vomiting twice a day for three months (SEP, OCTand NOV)reduced to once a month from Dec last year with severe painful gagging still going on. My Acid reflux is yet to be diagnosed as no hospital appt yet. Diet wise have taken out many items and living off only on milk and pitta bread at night with oaty porridge in for breakfast and Apple/pear for a snack at 10:00. I have lost weight as well and desperately need energy for my body as work in school. IM taking slippery elm before bedtime 1 tsp in water for my painful glands/throat. So far this is all my research with respect to my own finding of persistent dry cough and Acid reflux. My x-ray for lungs fine and chest clear. My ears are hurting now. Kindly advice what to take via mouth that doesn't hurt or let me vomit again apart from acid reflux. Im very disappointed by the GPs so far.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 04.01.2018 11:37
      Hi Rabeya, Well you certainly need investigations to find out what is causing the reflux and vomiting. It may be something structural that can be found with an endoscopy. It's a sad fact that people are having to wait a long time for these investigations sometimes. You could consider consulting a cranial osteopath because they can sometimes address structural issues - at least they could see if it's likely to be a cause. You could also work with a nutritional therapist locally (find one at to adjust your diet to be more nourishing, as your current intake is not great, as you know. You could take Silicol gel to soothe your stomach and throat, so long as you are not taking any medication within 1 hour of the Silicol. Best Wishes, Ali


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