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Top tips and remedies for helping to ease bloating

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An introduction to remedies for bloating

As we know bloating, can crop up for a number of different reasons – diet may be having a part to play or a condition such as IBS could be contributing to the problem.

We know that diet (what we eat), but also how we eat, is often very important in the management of bloating. This is together with lifestyle habits of course – and depending on the likely cause of the problem, different tactics may work better than others.

We know that in some cases of bloating employing home, herbal and conventional remedies may also help to manage the symptoms. In some cases, these may only be required in the short-term, whereas in other cases, these may work as a longer-term solution, for example when working towards maintaining the balance of bacteria in the gut. 

Below we run through a number of different remedy options to help get those symptoms under control.

Home remedies

There are a number of simple home remedies which may help to ease the symptoms of bloating:

  • Plenty of water – It may seem simple, but it’s also effective. Perhaps not such a quick fix, but most definitely a long term solution. We should be drinking at least 1.5l of plain, still water daily – any less and you risk contributing to constipation and an increased risk of bloating. Keep hydrated to ensure things are moving along as they should
  • Herbal teas – Herbs can help with bloating in many cases and it could be as simple as swapping your regular daily brew with a herbal teabag. Ginger, fennel and chamomile to name a few, all have carminative and anti-spasmodic properties which can help to keep bloating at bay

Natural remedies

A step up from home remedies (but perfect in combination!) a number of natural remedies may help to keep bloating under control:

  • Molkosan – Molkosan is rich in L+ lactic acid which means it acts as a prebiotic, helping to support the growth of good bacteria in our gut. Then, once the levels of good bacteria in our gut are established, we can begin to top up the numbers with the addition of probiotics. Molkosan together with good quality probiotics such as Symprove or Optibac can often offer longer-term solutions to problems with bloating.

Conventional remedies

If symptoms of bloating are severe or persistent you should always have this checked by your doctor. In some cases your local pharmacy or doctor may be able to offer short-term solutions for symptoms of bloating.  These medicines may act as anti-spasmodics, or laxatives depending on your symptoms, but they are often less likely to target the underlying cause or provide a long-term solution.

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Did you know?

An apple a day cannot keep bloating at bay. This popular fruit can play havoc on sensitive tummies due to their fibre and fructose content!

Other common foods that cause bloating

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