What are the symptoms of bloating?

Common symptoms of bloating

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An introduction to the symptoms of bloating

It’s common for people to say that they feel bloated – almost everyone has felt bloated at some stage, either in the short-term, or it may be linked to a more chronic problem such as constipation or IBS.

However, the different symptoms that you experience could help indicate what the underlying cause may be and, more importantly, what treatment options may be helpful for you going forward.


If burping is a symptom that exists alongside your bloating, then it is more likely that your stomach is at the root of the cause. 

Low stomach acid, for example, could have a part to play – especially if the belching occurs quickly after eating. which could suggest your food isn’t being broken down properly. 

Click for some more simple tests to try at home to help determine if you might have low levels of stomach acid.


If your bowel isn’t moving at least once a day then it could suggest that you are constipated. As old food waste ferments at the hands of the bacteria in your gut, gas is produced. If this hangs around too long, more and more gas is produced and you can easily become more bloated as a result! 

If you suspect constipation could be at the root of the problem, aim to get your gut moving and then continue to support it with a diet rich in fibre and plenty of plain, still water daily – aim to sip 1.5l throughout the day. Linoforce granules 12 years plus are indicated for the short-term relief of occasional constipation.


If flatulence is a problem for you then there could be a number of contributing issues. If you have a sluggish bowel then this could be the problem so, ensure that your bowel is moving at least once a day to help prevent constipation and the subsequent bloating.

Other underlying causes that can give rise to flatulence can include gut dysbiosis, diet, food intolerance or conditions such as IBS so click on the various ‘causes of bloating’ pages to learn more!


Pain may be felt in some cases of bloating – for example together with constipation, or in conditions such as IBS.

However, if pain is felt alongside bloating you should always have this checked by your doctor as there could be something more serious going on such as an obstruction in the bowel.

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Did you know?

An apple a day cannot keep bloating at bay. This popular fruit can play havoc on sensitive tummies due to their fibre and fructose content!

Other common foods that cause bloating

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