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09 May 2014

Reasons for the cravings...

Have you had a course of antibiotics recently?

If so, unfriendly bacteria may have taken hold of your guts and be jumping up and down demanding sugar.

Are the cravings worse at certain times of the month (if you’re a girl, that is)?

Women often crave sugar more in the week before their period, because their mineral levels have fallen.

Have you been going through a stressful time?

In stressful situations, the adrenal glands send out messages to make you seek high-energy foods. This impulse only switches off once the body is able to tell the brain that there is now enough in the larder.

Have you been sleeping badly?

The day after a poor night’s sleep we instinctively reach for more calories, mainly of the sugary variety. This has been shown in research and applies to men as well as women.

What to do

Once you’ve been eating a heap of sugary foods, it’s quite tricky steering away from them. Your guts start to clamour for more as the levels of unfriendly bacteria rise, fed by the fungal-friendly sugar. You need to get your gut bacteria back into line!

Having healthy gut bacteria is important for many aspects of health.

  • Intestinal fermentation and gases that cause bloating are less likely to bother you if your levels of friendly bacteria are satisfactory.
  • Nutrients are absorbed better in a healthy gut, leaving you less prone to cravings and hunger pangs.
  • A large number of immune cells are found in the gut and many toxins (including viruses, yeasts and unfriendly bacteria) are neutralised there. The lactic acid produced by friendly bacteria is excellent at killing off pathogens.
  • A healthy environment is created by friendly bacteria in the large intestine, which contributes to the regular evacuation of the bowels. In a gut containing its full quota of friendly bacteria, stools are more likely to be soft, bulky and easy to pass.

Take the advice of healthy pigs

Many years ago, health resorts in Switzerland began using whey intensively, after farmers noticed that pigs fed on whey seemed to thrive beyond expectations. Taking whey themselves, the farmers found that digestive and skin problems were resolved, and fungal problems such as athlete’s foot were easily cured.

People flocked to the mountain health resorts where, early in the morning, fresh goat’s milk whey would be handed out in the village square after bells had been rung to alert guests to the arrival of their medicine.

A.Vogel’s Molkosan® was formulated by Alfred Vogel after he observed the benefits in his Swiss clinic. The whey is lacto-fermented so that milk protein (casein) and milk sugar (lactose) are not present. The fermentation process changes the natural lactose (milk sugar) to lactic acid. This particular form of lactic acid (L (+) lactic acid) is not commonly found except in lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut. It is a natural antiseptic and inhibits the spreading of pathogenic germs on the skin, the mucous membranes, and throughout the whole digestive tract.

L+ lactic acid helps the gut support friendly bacteria, creating an environment that unfriendly bacteria and opportunistic fungi such as Candida albicans don’t like, making it harder for them to stick to the gut wall instead of being passed through with the stool.

With plenty of L+ in your gut, the pH will be nicely balanced, promoting the production of digestive enzymes and therefore allowing you to break down fats and sugars more effectively.

When you are metabolising your foods more efficiently you will get the nutrients you need and feel satisfied more readily.

So, to go back to the various potential problems…

If you have had antibiotics, a course of Molkosan® will help re-establish the correct gut bacteria.

If you get monthly cravings, a course of Molkosan® will improve your absorption of the minerals you need to prevent this annoyance.

If you have been stressed, Molkosan® can improve the digestive processes that inform your brain you’ve had enough and can stop eating now thank you.

If you haven’t slept well, try Dormeasan Sleep, but take some Molkosan® to counter the sweet cravings.

As an additional benefit, having better digestive processes with flourishing good bacteria will stimulate better metabolism, helping with weight balance. And quite frankly, any excuse is good enough to try some Molkosan Fruit® – it tastes amazing!

Help your good bacteria by

  • Eating a diet low in refined sugar and yeasty foods and drinks, and high in green vegetables, which they like. Foods that contain inulin (Jerusalem artichokes, onions, asparagus, chicory and garlic, for example) may provide FOS on which friendly bacteria can feed.
  • Reducing wheat intake and increasing short grain brown rice, as wheat blocks the gut and rice cleanses it, whilst feeding friendly bacteria.

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Did you know?

An apple a day cannot keep bloating at bay. This popular fruit can play havoc on sensitive tummies due to their fibre and fructose content!

Other common foods that cause bloating

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