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Back pain is tension, stiffness, aching or pain that most commonly originates from muscles, vertebrae or joints of the back


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  • Robert's photo avatar
    Robert — 28.05.2018 17:57
    Deep acking pain, and muscle spasms in the Lumbar area of my back.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 29.05.2018 09:32
      Hello Robert Under the section ‘Treatments for Back Pain’ there are some general exercises to try. Those and using our Atrosan tablets should produce some relief within a fortnight or so. Any more personal advice and a full assessment as to the cause of your discomfort, needs to be given by a physiotherapist.


  • Jeannie's photo avatar
    Jeannie — 27.04.2018 04:59
    Hi. I have thoracic back pain. Its gets worse when i am standing doing dishes for long or laundry folding clothes. If i am walking around or grocery shopping it normally is fine. At times sitting can agravate it as well. Laying down makes it go away. Sometimes a few hours after i have been asleep i feel it stiff so i just move to the side and it is ok. What can this be?


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 27.04.2018 09:48
      Hello Jeannie I’m afraid that you’ll need to see a physiotherapist to definitively establish the cause of your mid back pain as we can’t examine you over the internet but it’s very common and often related to an inflexible lower back and/or hips that tilt forward (called sway back as it causes a hollow lumbar region). These in turn are often caused by tight hamstrings and/or tight hip flexors (muscles at the front of the pelvis). If you’re able to try some exercises, the classic ones to focus on would be: a) hamstring stretches - best done lying on your back, leg extended vertically and a towel looped around your raised foot, held at both ends. Feel the stretch behind the knee as you relax your legs to as straight a position as possible. Hold for 30-60 seconds. b) hip flexor stretches - lie on your side, straight, and grab the foot of the upper leg behind your bottom. Focus on pushing your hips forward. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Be sure to support the head with a pillow or towel. c) Thoracic Extension - lie on your back with a hand towel rolled up lengthways and underneath the length of the spine. You’ll need to remain in this position for 10 minutes but enjoy the relaxation! Be sure to support the head with a pillow or towel. d) Thread The Needle - on all fours, reach one arm behind the other, under the body until it is as fully extended to its opposite side as is comfortable. Repeat slowly 10 times each side. Avoid rotating the hips. e) Thoracic Rotation - lie on your side, support the head with a pillow or towel. Bend both knees so your legs are forward of your hips. Reach both arms fully in front of you so that both palms are together. Take the top hand and, in a large arc, reach slowly all the way behind you so that you’re aiming to get your shoulder blades onto the floor. Do not rotate the hips, keep the knees together. All of this takes around 30 minutes but you should see improvement in 3-4 sessions.


  • maureen mackenzie's photo avatar
    maureen mackenzie — 13.11.2017 08:12
    Iower back pain feels like nerves, during day but could not sleep last night for pain in left groin. Advice please


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 13.11.2017 12:03
      Hello Maureen I’m afraid we can’t diagnose over the internet as there is too much scope for error. In this case, the groin and back pain could be as likely due to an infection as it might be tissue strain, so you’ll need to see your doctor.


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