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A.Vogel Talks Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a symptom which may arise as a result of a number of health conditions


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  • Thierno Diallo's photo avatar
    Thierno Diallo — 02.02.2018 09:05
    I have honestly never read such overwhelmingly good content like this. I agree with your points and your ideas. This info is really great. Thanks.


  • Marion's photo avatar
    Marion — 06.01.2018 11:17
    I have muscle pain in the top of my legs and under my feet ..I did have two falls last year


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 08.01.2018 10:57
      Hello Marion I’d suspect your back or hips are involved but you’ll need to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor for a proper answer as we can’t examine you over the internet.


  • Bridget's photo avatar
    Bridget — 27.10.2017 21:01
    I have muscle pain in my legs for several weeks now


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 30.10.2017 14:47
      Hello Bridget There are many causes of muscle pain. Could you provide some more information, such as your age, which muscles and any relavent history, such as a back injury?


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I have roaming muscle pain, sometimes in my arm, or upper back , shoulder or sides of back. This lasts for approx. 5 minutes and then goes back to normal. Can you help?

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Foods such as red meat and dairy products and drinks such as caffeine and alcohol can all trigger inflammation which can increase muscle and joint pain.

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