Avocado recipes

One of the most nutritious fruits out there, avocado is rich in healthy fats, minerals and soluble fibre, while is low in saturated fats, and has no cholesterol. Although only becoming readily available in the UK in the 60s, avocados have surged in popularity, now regularly featuring in healthy snacks and meals. Have a look at our recipes to see how you can incorporate this delicious and nutritious ingredient into your diet.

Avocado & Courgette Soup

Avocado & Courgette Soup

Packed with healthy fats and antioxidants, this warming and comforting soup is easy to make and super nutritious, making it perfect for lunch or dinner.

Avocado & Grapefruit Salad

Drizzled with olive oil for extra flavour, this refreshing salad is perfect for a warm summer’s day or as a delicious side dish any time of the year. 

Avocado Dip

Thick, creamy and packed with goodness, bring a touch of Mexican flavour to any party with this super easy to make, delicious and healthy avocado dip.

Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Perfect for lunch, this healthy and filling sandwich makes a delicious, yet guilt-free and nutritious alternative to the classic BLT sandwich.

Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Set yourself up for the rest of the day with this filling and nutritious smoothie for breakfast. It tastes delicious and it’s super easy to make.

Quinoa & Avocado Salad

A simple, fresh and delicious salad, this is perfect to eat in the summer as a light meal. It’s also a delicious side that goes well with many dishes.

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