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Restlessness and PMS

Restlessness is an unusual symptom of PMS often associated with anxiety and irritability


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  • Anuradha's photo avatar
    Anuradha — 07.06.2018 07:51
    I suffer from pms for 2 weeks before periods. During pms i feel bloated, flatulence, water retention, pain, sometimes unable to breathe, tired, sleepy, headache and in 2nd week extreme sensations in my limbs. I am unable to sleep feeling restlessness specially in my leg, extremely ​tired. I am a patient of dysmenrhoea so during periods i feel extreme pain. I have to plan my schedule according to my periods its very frustrating. Almost 10 days of month i am unable to work. Please help. I am unable to study. I also feel shivering in hands before and during periods. Sometimes i vomit during periods and I can't eat even a toffee first 2 days as eating anything causes extreme pain


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 08.06.2018 08:36
      Hi Anuradha, can I firstly ask a few questions, can I ask if your doctor has prescribed any medication for your condition, also how often you have a period, for example every 28 days?


    • Anuradha's photo avatar
      Anuradha — 08.06.2018 10:12
      Yes my doctor recommended magnesia phosphorica 12X in boiled water. I take Ibuprofen also, bad thing is that i have to take Ibuprofen empty stomach because eating anything causes unbearable pain till my stomach is empty again. I get my periods on 25-30th day. It fluctuates between these days. Seriously I wasn't expecting such instant reply thank you so much.


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 11.06.2018 07:20
      Hi Anuradha, thank you. As you experiencing severe pain, I would want you to have this investigated further, either with your doctor or a practitioner such as a nutritional therapist who may be able to look at prescribing a personalised diet for you and looking at the digestive system more specifically. In the meantime, I would continue with the magnesium and possible some anti-inflammatory omega-3 too.


    • Anuradha's photo avatar
      Anuradha — 11.06.2018 10:20


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