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Anxiety and PMS

Feelings of anxiety can be part of the premenstrual syndrome


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  • emierose navarro's photo avatar
    emierose navarro — 07.04.2018 06:17
    Hi ! I have anxiety and paniv attacks but I notice that before my period starts my anxiety hits me and I feel more consious about my health but my period is regular everymonth


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 09.04.2018 11:15
      Hi Emierose, unfortunately the natural fall in our hormones that gives us our period can make us more vulnerable to anxiety. However topping up your levels of certain minerals can often be useful during this time. We know that magnesium in particular is important for supporting our mood so it might be useful to consider taking a supplement here, I often recommend Floradix as it is a liquid formula which is well absorbed.


  • Kirsty C's photo avatar
    Kirsty C — 21.03.2018 19:50
    I don't have periods because I had a hysterectomy (I'm only 37) but I still have my ovaries so have a cycle. I have noticed over the last few months that at certain times I have really bad anxiety, feel unable to cope with every day tasks and my sleep is affected. I came to me today that it may be because of my cycle as it's my 'virtual period' week and it ties in with what I have just read on here. I'm relieved because I know the reason why, next thing is to ease it. I think I will start with agnus castus and see if that helps.


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 22.03.2018 12:48
      Hi Kirsty, yes, I think you’re right, it’s very likely that your symptoms tie in with when you would have had a period, which suggests hormones are at the root of the problem. If you can try and work out how often these symptoms occur, that might help to give us a better idea of what is happening with your hormones and therefore, if the Agnus castus might be useful.


    • Louise's photo avatar
      Louise — 06.04.2018 03:56
      I suffer from anxiety with no obvious reason so I started to keep a log and noted it happens twice a month, around ovulation and week before period. Some people are more sensitive to the hormonal changes during these times in your cycle and experience anxiety. It’s really made me make sense of what my body is going through. I’ve been prescribed the pill and sertraline.


  • Farjana's photo avatar
    Farjana — 18.02.2018 02:57
    before and after menstruation I felt palpitation,short breath,blarr vision,vertigo and constipation. panic attacks occurs offen.blood pressure rise suddenly.I am suffering Insomnia. what can I do?


    • Emma's photo avatar
      Emma — 20.02.2018 11:17
      Hi Farjana, can I ask what age you are and how often your period comes, for example after every 28 days. Also, are you on any medication at all?


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