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Learn how to cope better with some common health complaints and sleep better

There are a number of factors that affect how well we sleep, including health conditions and stress. Marianna Kilburn, our Sleep advisor, examines some of these factors and explores ways to overcome them.


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  • amelia's photo avatar
    amelia — 10.01.2018 02:30
    over time i’ve had off school, i’ve been going to bed really late when i’ve been with friends. i’ve been falling asleep between 3-5 am every night and waking up really late the next day. now i’m going back to school and i still can’t fall asleep early enough to not be tired for school the best day. what do i do?


    • Megan 's photo avatar
      Megan — 12.01.2018 05:11
      I am the same and I have had too much time off school and I can’t sleep


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 17.01.2018 10:51
      Hi Amelia, the best thing to do is to develop a helpful routine, that works for you, before going to bed (and to restart this BEFORE the end of the holidays). The body does not adjust quickly to these types of dramatic shifts in sleep pattern so it’s important to give it time. Some simple tips are: Take some time to wind down and relax in the evening. Avoid over stimulating TV or night time reading Switch of tablets/mobile phones/social media an hour or so before bed (these devices emit a blue light which mimics daylight and make you feel awake quickly) Have a bath with lavender oil Listen to gentle background music or see if you can find a meditation to help. These sleep hygiene tips may help too: Do talk to your parents if you continue to have problems. You may be able to try Passiflora or Night Essence if switching off and winding down remain a challenge.


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 17.01.2018 10:51
      Hi Megan, I hope the reply to Amelia will be helpful for you too.


  • Emily Roberts's photo avatar
    Emily Roberts — 30.12.2017 23:56
    I can't sleep and I don't know why I'm 12 years old and this is not very normal


    • marianna's photo avatar
      marianna — 03.01.2018 15:49
      Hello Emily Lots of things can upset our sleep such as worry or watching too much TV before bed or having sweet or fizzy drinks in the evening. Why not see how your evenings are and if you are doing anything that may be affecting your sleep. If you are worried about anything can you talk to your parents about it? If they are happy for you to take something to help you, you could try either AvenaCalm or Passiflora or Night Essence and take a dose about 30 min before your bed time.


  • Mitch summers's photo avatar
    Mitch summers — 04.12.2017 00:40
    hi I work a shift pattern of 4 on 4 off and I sleep really good on my 4 off buy when it come to going back to work I only get 4 hour max sleep a night. I need more sleep


    • marianna's photo avatar
      marianna — 04.12.2017 14:03
      Hi Mitch The Dormeasan mentioned above can be used to help with sleep disrupted by shift work. You can take 30 drops about 30 minutes before you want to go to bed This usually works quickly and you can use it as and when you need it so on your good nights there is no need to take it.


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