Junk sleep

Junk sleep can be stimulated by electronic devices like televisions, mobile phones or i-Pads

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01 August 2013

Junk sleep

In a recent report1, The Sleep Council describes the effect that mobile phones, tablets, and televisions are having on our sleep.

The blue light that computers, mobile phones and tablets emit disrupts the body’s body clock, which is programmed to respond to light as a wake-up call.

It’s hard for the body to relax into peaceful slumber when numerous lights are blinking all around it. The sleep hormone, melatonin is less likely to be secreted, and bang goes the chance of slipping readily into dreamland.

Watching television in bed can also lead to poor quality sleep, despite the fact that many people think that watching the box last thing at night will lull them to sleep. 39% of those who watch television in bed sleep very poorly most nights. On the other hand, 39% of those who read before they go to sleep, sleep very well.

1Information taken from research carried out for The Sleep Council. The research was carried out online by Opinion Matters between 02/01/2013 and 23/01/2013 amongst a panel resulting in 5007 respondents (UK adults).

Good sleep hygiene

These are good habits to establish in order to promote good sleeping patterns.

  • Exercising every day (and people who exercise daily are most likely to be in bed by 10pm)
  • Having a regular bedtime – almost a third (32%) of those who routinely go to bed between 10pm and 11pm sleep very well
  • Having a bedtime routine
  • Making time to relax and wind down before bed
  • Reading before going to sleep
  • Having thick curtains, good quality bed clothes, and a good quality bed
  • Having a clutter-free environment, with no electronic gadgets in the bedroom
  • Maintaining a cool temperature in the bedroom

Visit the sleep hygiene tips page for more information on getting a better night’s sleep.

Many people find that a natural remedy such as Valerian mixed with Hops will help them in the early days (or nights), as they gradually improve their sleep habits.

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The wrong sleep position can not only negatively impact the quality of your sleep, it can also have an impact your posture, your joints, your digestion and even your face by making wrinkles worse!

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