The importance of sleep by Jan de Vries

Why is sleep so important?

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20 March 2014

The importance of sleep by Jan de Vries

Below you will find a transcript of the video.
! Isn’t it a wonderful thing to have a good sleep? I remember Alfred Vogel mentioned, in every lecture, that sleep was so important! He was very for it himself; getting about 7 or 8 hours sleep every night.

I only saw him once not getting a good sleep, when we were both in the Engadin and we had to sleep overnight in the mountains. The mountains were very cold that night and he didn’t sleep very much and I remember him saying to me ‘gosh I might need some Valerian to get myself over!’

So many people suffer from bad sleep; the little worries of today often keep us from our sleep. We get up, maybe two, three, four times, walk around, get a drink of water, then go back to bed to try and get some sleep. And then of course the inevitable happens, we start to think, we mull things over and everything in the dark night gets worse and worse and your sleep just vanishes.

Let’s do something about it!
Some really good deep breathing exercises will be a good help. Possibly in the evening, before you go to sleep, have a walk, perhaps with your dog, to get some extra oxygen. This will help to give you a nice good sleep.

It’s so important!
So many systems, like the lymph system works harder when you’re asleep. It clears the system during the night when you’re fast asleep. These days we have big problems like ME and other problems, which are really the result of the lymph system is not working as it should. That’s only one example why sleep is so important.

There are a lot of things you can do!
If you’re too nervous to sleep, try some porridge in the morning or some Avena sativa oats extracts. If you really have problems with sleep take some Valerian, a wonderful remedy which will give you a good, relaxed sleep.

Let’s forget all the stresses of life
The three ‘S’s’ that we really need to watch out for when we have problems sleeping are; too much salt, too much sugar and too much stress. These three ‘S’s’ really do a lot of harm, so we need to watch our intake. Also try not to have too much coffee and tea, because caffeine products are not really an advantage to having a good sleep.

Let’s put it like Alfred Vogel did, that sleep is a very important thing for relaxation during the day, when we have to be fit and fresh for our daily duties.

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The wrong sleep position can not only negatively impact the quality of your sleep, it can also have an impact your posture, your joints, your digestion and even your face by making wrinkles worse!

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