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Sleep hygiene tips

What is sleep hygiene? What tips are there to help me sleep?

Sleep hygiene seems like an unusual term, but it's really just about making sure you have good habits when it comes to sleeping. Marianna Kilburn, our Sleep advisor, talks us through her top 5 tips for better sleep hygiene.


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  • Joan's photo avatar
    Joan — 23.02.2018 11:45
    Recently I have been been getting head ache and discomfort in my lower back and thighs. Feeling tired and disrupted sleep.


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 23.02.2018 13:57
      Hi Joan, can I ask what age you are? You might benefit from some magnesium here as we know this mineral helps support our muscles and joints as well as our sleep. I often recommend 200-400mg daily, and a liquid formula such as Floradix is often preferable as it is better absorbed.


  • Mickel's photo avatar
    Mickel — 19.10.2017 19:16


    • Kjuim's photo avatar
      Kjuim — 19.10.2017 20:10
      Good jjyv


  • Catherine's photo avatar
    Catherine — 26.07.2017 23:34
    I bought this sweet little bungalow in January but the chicken farm not far away I am finding too noisy. I did ask if one could hear the noise before buying the property but of course I was not given the correct answer. As you say, others in the street do not hear it but I have immigrated into this area to be near to my old mother while the others have always lived in the area. Being now retired one just wants more peace


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 27.07.2017 08:30
      What a shame Catherine. Noise can be so disruptive to sleep. I am a very light sleeper but my sleep has been transformed by using ear plugs! Have you tried those?


    • cath5's photo avatar
      cath5 — 27.07.2017 08:30
      Thank you so much for replying Marianna. I have tried everything, last winter I tried to use earplugs but the ones I had affected my sleep badly. I have got lighter ones but they don't keep the noise out. So if I do put anything into my ears I use cotton wool in both ears, although last night even that didn't help. It was actuallly great to get about a month of natural sleep without the noise being so bad, all during those very hot nights. However two nights ago the noise returned and woke me up, while last night it was so bad I just had to get out of bed then returned to bed after midnight. It is so frustrating and I will admit I wouldn't have bought the place once I heard from a young student, who told me he used to live in the same street referring it to being noisy. But it was a matter of losing the love of one's sons or buying the property as I was living with my dear older son who wanted to have me after my late husband passed away until I found my own property


    • Marianna 's photo avatar
      Marianna — 27.07.2017 18:26
      Sorry to hear this Catherine. It must be hard. Is there a room at the back of the house you could switch to? I also wonder whether damp cotton wool may help as ear plugs. A friend of mine suggested this and I found the noise reduction improved....just a thought. You could also perhaps speak to a good pharmacist about the different types of ear plugs and your situation. They do vary?


    • cath5's photo avatar
      cath5 — 28.07.2017 06:16
      Thanks Marianna, I have never tried damp cotton wool. I use cotton wool balls as they are so soft to the ears. You mention about asking a pharmacist, there is a young one next door who, like me, one could say immigrated to this region. But he is one of two men and rather shy but did tell me that the noise didn't desturb him and they have two houses. I am sure it wouldn't desturb him with his mate's snoring in the background, even if they do not sleep together, which is what happened to myself when my late husband was alive. If there was noise in the background all I would do is listen to his snoring that took the frustration out of the noise. There are only two bedrooms in most of these bungalows, both can fit two beds but one is much smaller than the other. I moved into this bigger room as I couldn't take the noise in the other room.


    • Elena's photo avatar
      Elena — 17.09.2017 21:23
      Hi, Catherine, I wanted to suggest ear plugs as well. While I lived with other people in the same room they were a life saver! It is difficult, indeed, to get used to them, but believe me, after you do get used to them, it will be difficult to give them up. I used some foam ear plugs, as they were the most comfortable. However, I must warn you about earwax plugs. I got tinnitus after a while because earwax plugs have formed because of the sleeping plugs. I did get my earwax professionally removed, but the tinnitus stayed, so use wisely and get your ears regularly checked if you decide using ear plugs!


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 21.09.2017 12:49
      Thanks for responding Elena. I do agree that it's worth persevering to see which ones work. I am a huge fan, as a light sleeper too, but agree that it's sensible to get a check up on your ears regularly.


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