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What is insomnia? Do I really have insomnia or am I just sleeping poorly?

Insomnia is a term which is familiar to many people. However, many people use the term to describe their trouble sleeping, when they don't really have it. Marianna Kilburn, our Sleep advisor in the subject, explains what insomia is, what the symptoms are, and how it is treated.

Join experts Eileen Durward and Alison Cullen in the beautiful A.Vogel garden as they talk about sleep and why it is the one remedy we cannot do without. Discover their tips on how to improve your sleep quality including lifestyle changes and how herbs such as Hops and Valerian can help promote a better night’s sleep.


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  • Gareth Edwards's photo avatar
    Gareth Edwards — 14.01.2018 07:04
    I have recently been prescribed Sertraline! The last 2 nights I have not been able to Sleep and have had to just lie there all night!? Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help my sleeping?


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 16.01.2018 16:15
      Hi Gareth Sleep disturbances may be a side effect of Sertraline so I would initially speak to your GP to check what they recommend.


  • Lilz's photo avatar
    Lilz — 30.12.2017 21:35
    I don't think I have insomnia but I went through anxiety a year or two ago for a year, I couldn't sleep back then and I'm having another hit again, I don't know what to do, as my parents knew I had anxiety and I struggle to sleep, but they would never go too the doctor, they try sprays which work but very temperamentally An CDs which aren't working either please help


    • marianna's photo avatar
      marianna — 03.01.2018 15:47
      Hello Lilz Please could you let me know how old you are, thanks.


  • Antonia 's photo avatar
    Antonia — 24.11.2017 23:47
    I have the worst time sleeping I get to bed at 3 4 5 and 6 and get up at 12 1 2 I try but really can't it's bein going on for months so I now it's insomnia


    • Marianna 's photo avatar
      Marianna — 27.11.2017 10:55
      Hi Antonia, may I check why you are going to bed at such strange times? Do you work shifts for example which means you cannot go to bed at a time your body would expect to be sleeping?


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