PMS: Top ten tips for men

Do you know how to approach women when they're suffering from PMS?

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17 November 2015

Top Ten Tips!

1. Learn Her Cycle: This is an easy one; the majority of women menstruate the same time every month, and most PMS tends to occur the week leading up to it. Remember the old adage: A little knowledge can go a long way.

2. Know Her Symptoms: Is she more argumentative – has she turned into the Hulk; does she cry at the slightest thing; does she eat more or consume foods not normally eaten; has her sleep pattern changed? Knowing these triggers could prevent many an argument. Take a look at the many PMS symptoms.

3. Never Ever Say: “It’s that time of month again isn’t it?” She knows it is, you know it is (well you will after following tip one) so why oh why would you need to say this out loud. No man will ever walk away from that comment unscathed!

4. Social Activities: These engagements will need a bit of extra thought at this time. Sometimes a night in front of the T.V. with her pj’s, and some popcorn, is all she wants to do. This doesn’t mean that she’ll expect you to do the same, however, tips 5 and 6 may help make this a more achievable option.

5. Tactful Replies: “Does my stomach look all bloated and fat?” should always gain the response “no” – even if you can see the outline of her clothing etched in her skin!

6. Humour: Not even the likes of Lee Evans or Peter Kay can get away with cracking jokes to lighten the mood when PMS is looming. Therefore, if your partner says that her boobs are huge this month please note: this is not an invitation to touch them, or to pass comment that they are indeed, usually much smaller – neither of these will raise any laughs.

7. Patience: Be prepared to bite your tongue rather than having your head bitten off. Her hormones are all over the place and irrational rantings, and volatile mood swings, will be quickly over when there is no one arguing back.

8. Chores: Just an extra bit of effort at this time can go a long way to gaining brownie points for the rest of the month. Making the bed, walking the dog, doing the dishes or even cooking the dinner, can help greatly with household harmony.

9. Libido: PMS can affect the libido, therefore, if she asks you for a cuddle that may actually mean that all she wants is a cuddle. Enough said!

10. It’s Nothing Personal: For those few days a month it may seem like she hates you and would rip your limbs off one by one given half the chance, but the reality is………. her hormones have temporarily taken control of her body and brain and, as her nearest and dearest, unfortunately, your emotional upset is alas, collateral damage.

So there you have it guys, my advice for PMS peace; and who knows, these simple few tips may make for an extra enjoyable festive season, and a much more serene 2015.

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