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Psychological factors in IBS

Stress and anxiety are often linked to IBS

Our expert Ali discusses how emotional troubles such as stress or anxiety can have in impact IBS. Understanding this relationship is often the first step in treating IBS.


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  • shahmudin 's photo avatar
    shahmudin — 14.12.2017 07:26
    Having IBS-D is bothersome as i goes to the toilet after every meal. Not only you feel tired but it smells terrible too. I used to constant flatulence n gas bec of digestive issues. Imagine taking the public transport. Dhamotil, charcoal tablets, gastric medication dont really help n i goes around smelling like fart. Then i seriously change my diet. Now im taking probiotics, psyllium husk stomach enzymes n feeling and smelling so much better. Sadly now i stay away from many food i used to enjoy. one indulgence then the diarrhea starts.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 14.12.2017 08:29
      Have you been tested for food allergies? Or coeliac disease? There may be a very simple irritant that you can avoid, or a specific digestive weakness that you could support, to widen your range of dietary options. It can often be helpful to work with a nutritional therapist for this type of situation - go to to find your nearest practitioner. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Colin McKenzie's photo avatar
    Colin McKenzie — 06.12.2017 21:14
    I feel very unwell before a bowel movement. Lasts badly for 5 minutes then calms down


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 07.12.2017 08:22
      Hi Colin, Could you email me directly (there's a box at the top right hand corner of the screen) and tell me what your 'very unwell' symptoms are? Are they physical, emotional, both? And how long have you had these symptoms and this problem? And how often does your bowel move? Thanks, Ali


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