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Diet for IBS

Can you manage IBS through diet?

Our expert Ali explores the impact of your diet in IBS. We discuss how you should go about deciding what foods to include and what problem foods you might consider eliminating from your diet if you have IBS.


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  • Emma's photo avatar
    Emma — 29.04.2018 14:51
    My daughter has just been diagnosed with IBS. We now have the task of trying to find out what triggers it. She has really bad days and is so depressed and fed up on these days. She has tablets and a syrup to help her go to the toilet to help relieve the pain but what can she do to help the pain? I wish it was myself and not her. Thanks


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 30.04.2018 15:02
      Hi Emma, It can be difficult to pin-point exactly what foods are triggering your daughter's symptoms of IBS, especially in the case of food intolerance when symptoms do not always show right away. I hope the information provided on this page is helpful. However, I would suggest a face to face consultation with someone like a Nutritional Practitioner to formulate a personalised treatment plan to support your daughter through this. Check out for someone local to you. Best wishes, Ali.


  • Miranda's photo avatar
    Miranda — 26.03.2018 08:22
    I feel like I have all the symptoms of IBS. I'm only 21 and I have Piles, constipation, bloating, sleeping problems etc. I am constantly abroad with my job as a flight attendant so at first I thought I had a dodgy stomach. I find it hard to eat slow and eat at the right time of the day due to my job. What advice can you give me in regards to this?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 27.03.2018 08:27
      This is a really tricky one, Miranda, and you're likely to find that many of your colleagues have similar problems - the 'flight attendant bloated belly' is a commonly acknowledged problem! One of the key issues is staying hydrated, and this helps with reducing constipation. Regular meal patterns does help and of course this is impossible with your schedule, but it's worth really prioritising sitting down and chewing whatever you eat VERY thoroughly, even if you only have time for a very small snack, as anything well-chewed will do you more good and cause you fewer problems than something you bolt on the run. With less constipation the piles will resolve, and the bloating to some extent too. Eating warm food and keeping your drink away from your food can help and might be a little more possible to achieve. Keep your bread intake low too - lots of flour-based products really doesn't help. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Steve's photo avatar
    Steve — 26.02.2018 12:32
    Hi Ive had like a queasy stomach for about 8 weeks and sometimes it goes away but it seems to be there in background. For me its down right and left side of stomach and slight discomfort at the bottom corners of stomach. Im able to eat and i have started to excersise more which helps. I usally walk with a hot water bottle on guts which feels great. No blood in pee or poo either. Steve


    • Ali 's photo avatar
      Ali — 26.02.2018 14:51
      Hi Steve, Had you been on holiday abroad before it started? Have you noticed any changes in your bowel habits - more or less pooing? Does the discomfort change after a bowel movement? If you could answer via the question box at the top right hand corner of the page it will go directly to my email and it's easier than trying to write heaps in a comments box! Thanks, Ali


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