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Oligosaccharides: Fructans and GOS | FODMAP

How do oligosaccharides affect us?

The 'O' in FODMAP stands for Oligosaccharides. These often make up dietary fibre, and they are usually good for us, helping friendly bacteria to thrive. However, if you suffer from IBS they may be exacerbating your IBS symptoms. Here our expert Ali discusses what they are, and how they affect our digestive system.


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  • Liz Smerdon's photo avatar
    Liz Smerdon — 16.02.2018 04:32
    I suffer from diagnosed SIBO. Results of breath test showed extremely high levels of both methane and hydrogen gases. 3 years of eating low FODMAP and still not able to add certain foods back to my diet. I am sensitive to all FODMAPs...and need to keep even the low fodmaps to a minimum. Onions are brutal; garlic almost as bad, and I'm actually allergic to garlic. Pain like knives cutting through me, bloat, halted motility (all within an hour of ingesting the foods) and/or rapid motility the next morning. Even on the low FODMAP, I struggle with very slow motility. I rely on the product 'CALM' (magnesium) to keep my bowel moving. If I need to keep eating this way, that's fine, but the biggest challenge is eating out, travel, and being a dinner guest. I also take a product called 'Iberogast' every night which my Naturopath prescribed. It would be so helpful if there was something I could take (such as lactaid for lactose intolerance) to at least lessen my difficulties somewhat for social activities if I happen to have a small amount of FODMAP. Thank you.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 16.02.2018 13:17
      Hi Liz, That's quite a severe situation you are dealing with. You are doing exactly the right thing in working with a naturopath who can take all the details of your medical history and monitor your progress. You may like to ask them to consider whether Silicol gel would be helpful to you generally or in emergency situations, but otherwise I wouldn't interfere with their recommendations. Best Wishes, Ali


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