7 simple eating habits to help ease IBS

Alison Cullen

27 February 2015

7 simple eating habits

  1. Chew each mouthful of food very thoroughly. Chewing not only starts to break your food up but it also sends signals to your stomach that food is on its way, and the stomach responds by producing digestive enzymes and stomach acid.
  2. Separate drink from food – don’t drink more than a small glass of anything with a meal. After drinking, leave 20 minutes before eating. After a meal, wait at least 45 minutes before drinking again.
  3. Make sure that you are relaxing when eating rather than eating on the run or when stressed.
  4. Cut out wheat for a few days to see how much of a difference this makes.
  5. Eat cooked and warm foods in preference to cold and raw foods, as these as easier to digest. Ignore the advice you often see to eat things as raw as possible – this isn’t good for a sensitive gut.
  6. Sit up! Many people hunch over their food and then experience reflux and burping.
  7. Take herbal bitters such as Digestisan before meals. The bitter taste triggers the proper production of digestive enzymes, which ensures you break your food down efficiently so it doesn’t cause you trouble on its way down. These bitters work very quickly and aren’t contraindicated with any medications.

Do you eat on the run or gulp your food down? Which good eating habit do you need to put into practice most?


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  • Michelle 's photo avatar
    Michelle — 06.05.2018 05:30
    Hi I have stomach cramps then loose bowels every morning. This has been consistent for over a month . It’s just in the morning. Often wakes me up. Around 7am. Once bowels are empitied, I am fine. Any ideas?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 10.05.2018 10:38
      Hi Michelle, Firstly, can you connect this to anything that happened or changed a month ago? New food groups, change in habits, higher stress levels, new medication/different dose of medication, different exercise regime, any other health changes, likelihood of pregnancy? If not then the next thing to check is whether your bowel is moving just this once daily or also another time? If you are eating 3 meals daily it is best to be having a couple of bowel movements daily and if you don't then the bowel may become irritated. Next, try a supplement of magnesium, because low magnesium is very often behind loose stools. Best Wishes, Ali


  • maria's photo avatar
    maria — 02.05.2018 07:52
    Hi Ali, I think I have IBS as I have a pain down my left side after eating and also when I feel stressed. I dont go to the toilet everyday but some days a cant seem to stop going. I sit then get up and have to go back a few times. Then I feel quite light headed. I am getting to the point where I have to consider eating if I am going out. I do drink a few cups of tea a day, any suggestions please.


    • Alison's photo avatar
      Alison — 03.05.2018 14:29
      Hello Maria, Stress can often make IBS symptoms worse. Many people with IBS experience diarrhoea as part of a pattern of alternating constipation and diarrhoea, in which case treating the underlying constipation is very important for stopping the diarrhoea in the long-term. Drink plenty of plain water to keep everything flowing as dehydration can be the main culprit. Follow the tips on this page to see if they help and it is a good idea is to start a food Diary, to see what foods act as a trigger. If your main symptoms are diarrhoea at the moment, you could try the Tormentil Complex to see how it helps for now.


  • Jackie Howard 's photo avatar
    Jackie Howard — 15.04.2018 12:33
    Hi Ali I am an auxiliary nurse and rarely get a break and when I do it's often rushed Not eating at all some days and doing a13 hour day on a empty tank I m sure this irritates my bowel and leaves me feeling really poorly Any advice would be good


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 17.04.2018 10:24
      Hi Jackie, That's tough. There's a limited level of wellness that you can expect to feel on starvation rations and very long, demanding shifts. It's ironic that these conditions pertain to people working in the health arena! There's nothing that can make no-food-for-13-hours-working-hard feel good, but you can use protein bars and quick shakes for the meal breaks you do get, to allow you to sit and eat them relatively slowly. Also, are you contracted to have no proper meal breaks? I'm sure it's not legal and quite frankly you may need to stand up for your own health as well as looking after that of others! Best Wishes, Ali


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How you eat rather than what you eat can also trigger your IBS. From not chewing your food enough to even how you sit while you eat can all impact affect your IBS!

7 simple eating habits to help ease IBS

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