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IBS and flatulence

Why flatulence can result from IBS

Flatulence has a number of causes and IBS is one of the reasons why you might have this experienced this symptom. Our expert Ali explains why IBS can give you excessive wind and how diet, lifestyle and natural remedies can help you.


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  • Rose Fenton's photo avatar
    Rose Fenton — 05.05.2018 16:53
    I am elderly now and have two chronic illnesses, and am disabled. I have a muscle illness, so I have problems with IBS and the slow passage of food and digestion altogether. I am also hardly able to chew, as my muscles are so very weak. I have almost constant stomach ache, with belching and flatulence etc. etc. and have difficulty in passing stools. My diet is very poor, mainly soups, liquids, porridge, cereals, yoghurts with fruit juices. I have tried so many remedies. I also take Milk Thistle regularly, as I also have gall-stone problems. This has helped me tremendously and I would not be without it. Grateful for any advice. Please do not tell me to walk or exercise, because I cannot do neither. I do simple stretching and leg circles, as able.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 08.05.2018 11:40
      Hi Rose, I'm very sorry but given the seriousness of your condition it would be irresponsible of me to advise. You need to work with a local practitioner who can liaise with your doctor. I understand that this may not be possible, but unfortunately I can't advise otherwise. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Patsy's photo avatar
    Patsy — 17.04.2018 08:14
    Dr diagnosed IBS. I have eliminated wheat and dairy and have improved faeces, but have excessive flatulence - often smelly.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 17.04.2018 12:32
      Hi Patsy, Try taking Digestisan oral drops in a splash of water before each meal, don't drink anything for half an hour before or an hour after food, don't mix fruit with other food, and chew everything REALLY well. This may help quite a bit. Best Wishes, Ali


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How you eat rather than what you eat can also trigger your IBS. From not chewing your food enough to even how you sit while you eat can all impact affect your IBS!

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