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IBS, nausea and loss of appetite

Is IBS causing you to feel nauseous and lose your appetite?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be linked to a wide variety of symptoms. In this page, our expert Ali discusses nausea and loss of appetite, how it occurs, and tips on relieving it.


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  • Jonathan's photo avatar
    Jonathan — 22.03.2018 08:30
    I have headaches vision blurry vomiting a lil sometimes diarrhea fatigue and insomnia,the fever also and shaking because I will be cold no appetite


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 23.03.2018 09:29
      Hi Jonathan, Have you had a diagnosis from the doctor for these symptoms? Best Wishes, Ali


    • Jonathan's photo avatar
      Jonathan — 25.03.2018 07:24
      No it's my first time, that's why I needed help as to what cn I do


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 27.03.2018 08:24
      Hi Jonathan, This isn't a classic IBS picture and I thoroughly recommend that you consult your doctor first, as it might be something else such as food poisoning. A fever is not normally part of something that doesn't involve an infection. Please do see your doctor as soon as you can to get a diagnosis. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Brenda baker 's photo avatar
    Brenda baker — 06.02.2018 11:35
    I suffer with anziety and i b s have got piles i have sleep problems i have a problem with medication have lost weight no appetite


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 07.02.2018 12:58
      Hi Brenda, Piles are often associated with a sluggish gut, which is likely if anxiety is shutting down your digestion. It would be best to tackle this combination of problems through the anxiety, as until this is resolved the digestive problems are hard to shift. I'd suggest working with a nutritional therapist or medical herbalist on the anxiety issues, as they will also be able to support your digestion with their progammes. Best Wishes, Ali


    • Anita's photo avatar
      Anita — 09.02.2018 14:21
      Hi i 've no appetite either lie in weight which worries me then makes the anxiety and ibs worse


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 12.02.2018 08:21
      Hi Anita, Any loss of appetite and weight which is sudden should be talked through with your doctor. If you find that your doctor is not helpful then you can talk to a nutritional practitioner who can liaise with your doctor - go to to find your nearest practitioner. Loss of appetite should always be investigated. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Leanne's photo avatar
    Leanne — 22.11.2017 23:25
    Hiya . I have suffered with ibs sense i was in my teens. Sense i had my little one 3 months ago my ibs is giving me alot of bother. I cant eat really sharp pains feling sick and always tired. Any time i look up for information is gives the scares as mentions a word and i worry about it. Can you give me advice?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 23.11.2017 07:56
      Hi Leanne, The best thing to do is to go and talk to your doctor about it, so that they can check up on why you have lost your appetite and have pains. There are lots of non-scary reasons for things like feeling tired and nauseous, especially after the draining effect of having a baby and looking after a newborn. Best Wishes, Ali


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