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FODMAP-friendly foods

Foods that are low in FODMAPS

It's all very well cutting out foods that are high in FODMAPs – but what can you replace them with? Below our expert Ali has organised foods by their food group and listed the appropriate FODMAP-free options. This is particularly useful in the first phase of the FODMAP diet.


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  • corina hollander's photo avatar
    corina hollander — 15.06.2018 21:21
    Hello Ms Cullen. Would diverticulitis be classified under “IBS.” I ask only because I miss eating nuts, especially dried fruits, ie figs, sesame seeds. Thank you. I learn very much from this website.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 18.06.2018 08:03
      Hi Corina, Diverticulitis will give you symptoms associated with IBS. It's important to realise that IBS just means that your bowel is irritated, but doesn't give any explanation of why this is the case, and there are heaps of different factors that can cause it. Diverticulitis, as you will know, involves pockets in the descending colon, and these can easily be irritated by seeds. If you grind seeds before eating them you will get the nutritional benefits without the problems. Similarly, chewing nuts very thoroughly or grinding them before eating can stop them from being troublesome. There is no reason to avoid dried fruit, unless your pockets are so inflamed that fibre is irritating them further. If so then a very gentle programme of colonics may help to reduce the problem, or taking a mild bulking agent such as Motion Potion or Lepicol in low doses. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Val's photo avatar
    Val — 26.04.2018 05:53
    In one of your advice pieces you have told someone that cabbage is low in FodMap whereas the list says that it is high did I read this right?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 26.04.2018 09:22
      Common and red cabbage are low, but Savoy cabbage is high, Val. Best Wishes, Ali


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