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Everybody needs sleep; and yet many of us suffer from a range of problems when it comes to getting that all important shut-eye. Here at A.Vogel Talks Sleep, our sleep advisor Marianna Kilburn provides information on everything you need to know about sleep: its importance, the causes and symptoms of sleep problems and disorders, and her tips on how to get a better night's sleep. There is also a Q&A service where you can ask Marianna all your sleep-related questions.


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  • lauren williams's photo avatar
    lauren williams — 27.05.2017 14:39
    37 years started peri menapause at 33 getting very near menapause sleep is issuse with hot flshes and night sweats what can i do without no hormone drugs


    • Marianna 's photo avatar
      Marianna — 30.05.2017 07:17
      Hi Lauren There are many ways to help alleviate menopausal symptoms without having to take hormonal medication. Here is a link to our page on hot flushes: Eileen is our expert on Menopause. You can chat with her via the menopause pages, read articles about the range of menopausal symptoms and sign up to receive weekly videos which address different aspects of menopause: I am sure you will find the information helpful and pick up tips to improve these symptoms.


  • Carol's photo avatar
    Carol — 24.05.2017 09:44
    Please can you help me, I have trouble getting to sleep. I'm in my late fifties and have tried everything..I don't drink coffee after about 4pm, I go to bed by 10.30 and get up at the same time everyday (usually 6 to 6.30, i read before I try to sleep, I use lavender, I don't use the phone or pc 2 hrs before I go to bed, I write down my to do list for next day, trying to put any worries or stresses to one side, I drink chamomile tea before bed and I go for a long walk with my dog every afternoon..after all this I still have trouble falling asleep, my mind works overtime and I'm very often still trying to sleep at 2.30a.m. any advice would be welcome..thanks


    • Marianna 's photo avatar
      Marianna — 25.05.2017 09:12
      Hello Carol It looks like you are trying lots of the right things. I am sorry you are still having trouble sleeping. I have emailed you directly about this to ask you some further questions to help ascertain what the problem might be.


  • Shoba's photo avatar
    Shoba — 23.05.2017 09:40
    Hi this is MrsMaharaj. I havd bern suffering from insomnia fot yrs. I take whatever i.can to get some sleep. Need help desperately


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 23.05.2017 13:39
      Hello Mrs Maharaj I will email you directly to check a few details if I may, to see if we can help you.


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