Coping with hayfever this festival season

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19 May 2017

Why is hayfever a problem at festivals?

With Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull just around the corner, many of you will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of festival season! Unfortunately, the arrival of festival season tends to coincide with the arrival of hayfever season.

This, coupled with the fact that most of your time at a festival will be spent outside in the middle of a grassy field, means that hayfever symptoms are likely to make an appearance. Plus, we know that hayfever symptoms tend to get worse at night, and you're likely to be up late into the night at festivals!

While everyone else is praying for a warm, dry weekend, you might find yourself secretly hoping for a rainy weekend to save you from your sniffly nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing!

We often recommend avoiding going outdoors on high pollen count days, but obviously at a festival this isn’t really possible – so what else can you do?

Our top tips for coping with hayfever at festivals this summer:

  • If you can, try to buy a tent with some kind of porch area that is separate from your sleeping area. Your clothes will be covered in pollen by the end of the day, so always try to get changed here before heading into your sleeping area so that you aren’t breathing in more pollen as you sleep. If you’re worried about security, fold your clothes up into an airtight bag and keep them in your sleeping area with you.
  • Keep your tent zipped up at all times. Resist the temptation to leave your tent open while you’re relaxing with your friends in the camping area, as this will let pollen-laden air in. This is where that extra porch section will come in handy!
  • While out and about, try lining your nostrils with some Vaseline or coconut oil, which will help to trap pollen before it enters your nose.
  • Avoid dairy products as these can increase congestion, which will worsen a blocked nose.
  • Keep those sunglasses on! Sunglasses will help to prevent pollen from reaching your eyes and causing irritation. Wrap-around sunglasses are even better!
  • Start taking your hayfever medication two weeks before the festival, and take plenty with you while you’re there. Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets are a great choice because they’re non-drowsy and fast-acting
  • Take eye drops and nasal spray with you. These will help provide some relief from symptoms during the day by soothing and cleansing the nasal passages and eyes. Try our Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray and Eyebright Eye Drops, which can even be used with contact lenses!
  • It can be difficult to eat and drink well at festivals, but please try your best because this will really help! Drink plenty of water, cut back on sugar and try to eat lots of fruit. Find more diet tips for hayfever here

Going to a festival this year? Check the pollen count before you go!

We’ve got local pollen count information for cities all over the country, so make sure to check the pollen count in your festival’s area before you go.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend – Check the pollen count in Hull

Reading and Leeds Festival – Check the pollen count in Reading and Leeds

Glastonbury Festival – Check the pollen count for Yeovil and Bridgwater

Download Festival – Check the pollen count in Derby

Isle of Wight Festival – Check the pollen count on the Isle of Wight

Creamfields – Check the pollen count in Liverpool and Manchester

Bestival – Check the pollen count for Weymouth

TRNSMT – Check the pollen count for Glasgow

Belladrum Festival – Check the pollen count for Inverness

Latitude Festival – Check the pollen count for Lowestoft

Parklife Festival –Check the pollen count for Manchester

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Did you know?

What you eat can have a dramatic effect on your hayfever symptoms. While anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine foods can help control your symptoms, foods containing dairy and foods rich in sugar can actually make them worse.

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