How to save yourself from summer sneezes

Has summer got you all worked up about your hayfever symptoms?

At home

While your home is usually a place of rest and relaxation, pollen can be an unwanted visitor who disrupts your domestic routine. Make it feel as unwelcome as possible, by barring the doors and windows shut and removing fresh flower decorations. Cover your bed with a sheet until you are ready to use it, and vacuum regularly to reduce the chances of pollen settling on surfaces.

In the car

If you have been driven to distraction with your hayfever symptoms and have taken to the car to attempt to escape the dreaded pollen, remember that the pesky particles will follow you there too. Turn your back on them by sealing your windows shut, blasting on the air-conditioning, and protect your eyes by wearing your trendy wrap-around sunglasses.

Out and about

If you do venture into the open air, try not to do this when the pollen count is at its highest, for example, early in the morning or in the evening. Avoid pollen hotspots such as parks with freshly cut grass. Aside from wearing a mask to prevent pollen from entering your nasal passages, you may find some less drastic measures that will help. If you line your nose with a little barrier balm (such as coconut oil) this will trap the pollen particles rather than allow them access.

Stay one step ahead

Make sure you always know where pollen is and when the count is high by visiting the A.Vogel Pollen Count page. Here you will be able to keep track of the pollen count across the UK and locally, helping you to know when it is safe to venture into the great outdoors.

This 5-day pollen count forecasts, pollen hotspots to avoid and hayfever-friendly activities to do in your city.

Some quick links:





Find more cities here.

So armed with these hayfever tips, look forward to a summer of sneeze-free days.

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Did you know?

What you eat can have a dramatic effect on your hayfever symptoms. While anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine foods can help control your symptoms, foods containing dairy and foods rich in sugar can actually make them worse.

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