Hayfever high

What can you do when hayfever strikes?

Alison Cullen

24 April 2013

Hayfever high

The unexpected has happened!

Sneezing has been heard at the A.Vogel office in Scotland…

Does this mean that spring is finally on its way?

Concerned staff immediately rushed Pollinosan to the scene of the sneeze, discovering a bewildered colleague searching for hankies and blinking nervously at the first sunshine we’ve witnessed in weeks.

Experts have been busy speculating on the possible consequences of the long winter and late spring, predicting extremely high pollen levels arriving in a sudden surge that would see the atmosphere awash with a debilitating mix of tree and grass pollen.

When cold weather persists into what should be the spring, the arrival of pollen is delayed and the time of its arrival can be condensed, with various types turning up together to blight the lives of hayfever sufferers in a spectacular fashion.

Gloomy expert predictions aside, there are always miserable moments for anyone prone to hayfever during the spring or (dare we hope for it?) summer. Knowing when pollen counts are likely to be high and therefore when the most defensive practises should be employed or the outdoors avoided altogether, is one way of minimising the misery.

With this in mind, the A.Vogel Hayfever Pollen Forecast App, available FREE for iPhone & Android, which gives you the latest information about daily pollen in the air during the hayfever season. This should help the sneezers amongst us steer a relatively hanky-free path through the next few weeks.

This free A.Vogel app for iPhone and Android gives you daily information on the latest pollen in the air during the hayfever season.

The pollen forecast can be viewed using your GPS location or you can choose from around 350 different locations in the UK.

We show pollen forecasts for tree, grass and weed pollen.

In "My location" you can determine which locations you wish to continue viewing the forecast for.

The app also includes the option to find your nearest stockist of Pollinosan, the A.Vogel solution for hayfever. Just press and call your local store. Download the app!


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Did you know?

What you eat can have a dramatic effect on your hayfever symptoms. While anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine foods can help control your symptoms, foods containing dairy and foods rich in sugar can actually make them worse.

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