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Grass pollen and hayfever

Have you ever wondered about the types of pollen that can trigger an allergic reaction? Grass pollen is one of the biggest causes of hayfever, affecting an estimated 90% of hayfever sufferers


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  • Terry-Rozzena Farrant 's photo avatar
    Terry-Rozzena Farrant — 18.06.2018 08:39
    Where can i buy a pollen chart


    • Louise's photo avatar
      Louise — 18.06.2018 09:59
      Hi there, I am not aware of anybody that sells a pollen chart however, if you stay in the UK you can keep up to date with the pollen count using our local pollen forecast. Just click the link below and type the name of your nearest town or city.


  • Suzanne's photo avatar
    Suzanne — 12.06.2018 19:15
    I apply a generous smearing of strong hot mustard on the skin over my upper and lower sinus just before bed ,this will ensure i dont wake up with a monsterous headache every morning ,i promise it works perfectly ,dint get it in your eyes though .


  • Andrew Milne's photo avatar
    Andrew Milne — 04.05.2018 05:45
    Why don't you quote Tree Pollen count? You must know this is the most common trigger for hay fever, so we sufferers want to know when our season is starting.


    • Rachel Berlandi's photo avatar
      Rachel Berlandi — 04.05.2018 10:14
      Hi Andrew, please visit our pollen forecast page, then type in your location. This will bring up a five day pollen forecast for trees, grass and weeds, as well as an overall forecast.


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What you eat can have a dramatic effect on your hayfever symptoms. While anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine foods can help control your symptoms, foods containing dairy and foods rich in sugar can actually make them worse.

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