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19 August 2014

How effective is exercise in relieving PMS symptoms?

Studies have shown that regular exercise can ease some of the pain, and stress, which you may experience each month leading up to, and during, your period. Worst case scenario is you only get healthier, fitter, slimmer!

What type of exercise is best and how much should I do?

Aerobic…this does not mean that you have to join a gym or enrol in a ‘step’ class – both of which are, incidentally, good aerobic exercises. Aerobic simply means that you are raising your heart rate; therefore, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing and even a brisk walk, are all suitable forms of exercise which can help.

Half an hour 3-4 times a week is all it should take to notice a difference. I personally do 4-5 kettlebell/bootcamp sessions a week and yes, I’ve noticed a difference in my mood (less irritable) and with cramping.

How will it help?

Exercise is a great stress buster which boosts your metabolism and improves circulation, this in turn carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells helping your whole system; it releases endorphins causing a euphoric feeling, which affect mood and pain perception. Remember endorphins also reduce your sugar cravings!

How long should it take before any effect is noticed?

As with any change made to the menstrual cycle I’d recommend seeing how much better you feel after three months – that includes weighing yourself and taking body measurements each month – you may not see those pounds or inches coming off but the scales and/or tape measure sure will.

I’m tired whilst menstruating, can I still exercise?

Of course you can, but let’s be sensible about it, you may find that PMS is taking its toll on you at certain times in the month, making you tired and not in any mood to exercise.

If this is the case then perhaps you could look at using Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) to support physical performance and stamina and speed up recovery time – remember that it is a stimulant and is contraindicated with hormonal medication ie the contraceptive pill.

So ladies, what are you waiting for, go on, dust off your old gym gear and exercise PMS into a thing of the past; and remember to check out Atrogel should you enjoy your new regime just that wee bit too much.

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