March of the sleep deprived

Are you one of the thousands suffering from sleep issues?


04 March 2014

March of the sleep deprived

In March, A. Vogel will be running their ‘Sleep Month’, also known as ‘March of the Sleep Deprived’.

Sleep problems come near the top of health issues that prompt web searches and certainly always appear regularly on our helpline and online chat. An increasing number of people find that getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done.

Estimates of the number of people suffering from sleeping problems vary:

It is said that up to 25% of the UK population have problems getting restful or good sleep whilst some studies suggest that up to 40% of people complain of having ‘sleep problems’. Others indicate that between 23% and 34% of people suffer from sleeping problems including insomnia. Whatever the true figure is, it is clear that many people around us feel that they can’t sleep or have problems sleeping well.

With all of this in mind, throughout March, our social media will focus upon sleeping hints and tips, problems and statistics. A. Vogel stockists will be encouraged to offer sleep advice tailored to each individual who finds themselves sleep deprived. There will be a strong focus on education around sleep hygiene as not everyone may be aware of what is causing their problem. We hope that by answering a few simple health and lifestyle questions, we can help people on their way to a decent sleep once more.

After participants have received their advice, based on answers to a quick sleep survey,  they will be able to enter their details online to enter a free prize draw where they will have the chance to win a Lumie Wake-up light worth £99.95. Online consumers will also be encouraged to take part in the survey, running until 9th May.

With the survey results we hope to discover the most common reasons for sleep deprivation within the UK and will tailor our web pages, products and instore training to take into account these factors.

For further information on sleep hygiene, please visit our webpage

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What's being asked

I have had a very disturbed sleep pattern lately, but now want to get back in to a good sleep regime. How can I do this?

Observe sleep hygiene tips, and try Dormeasan® Valerian & Hops until your sleep pattern has ...
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I keep waking at 3 - 4 am with my heart racing and struggle to get back to sleep. What can I do?

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of plain water during the day. A minimum of 1.5 litres is a ...
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I currently take pain medication long term but I am having problems sleeping. Is there or can you suggest any products that could be used alongside the medication.

If the sleeping problems are due to the pain or the side effects of the medication then you will ...
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The wrong sleep position can not only negatively impact the quality of your sleep, it can also have an impact your posture, your joints, your digestion and even your face by making wrinkles worse!

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