How do I get better at cycling?

Find out some top tips to improve your cycling

S.A.C. Dip (Diet, Exercise & Fitness), Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology Level 3
Ask Louise

22 April 2021

How do I get better at cycling?

To get better at cycling, build up your distance gradually and keep up regular cycling sessions. Practise other activities alongside cycling and incorporate a recovery period into your routine. Cycle regular hills and aim for some short, fast rides. Cycling events or cycling clubs can also improve abilities.

1. Gradually build up distance

When it comes to cycling, improvements to your fitness levels can be seen relatively quickly. However, don't push your body too hard too fast or else you risk injury, or even just putting yourself off the activity! Instead, add a few miles to your route approximately once a week to see improvements to your cycling fitness and abilities.

2. Keep up regular cycling sessions

Plan your week to incorporate at least two cycling sessions. Cycling on a regular basis is the simplest way to see noticeable improvements to your fitness and speed. Why not make an exercise schedule so that you know exactly when you will exercise on the bike each week?

3. Practise other activities

Participating in other sporting activities should help to improve your overall fitness. For example, it is often said that cardio activities like running can benefit cyclists. Also, Yoga and Pilates can be a good option for helping to stretch out the muscles and improve strength.

4. Incorporate some hills

We can improve cardio fitness by bringing the heart rate up and then down several times in one exercise session. One way to do this is to incorporate some hills into your cycling routes. A steep incline is also very good for helping to improve strength and stamina.

5. Try shorter, faster sessions

Improve your cycling fitness by working to increase your speed. This might mean that you have to aim for a shorter cycling session, but the benefits to your health will still be seen. Having a sports watch that allows you to record the speed and distance of your cycle can be helpful here to monitor the activity and observe any improvements to your fitness.

6. Think about recovery

Recovery is super important after any strenuous activity. Allowing for a good recovery period with gentle exercise, rest and muscle-caring activities like a hot bath can help the body heal from an activity and prepare it for the next session.

You may also want to think about what you eat and drink at this time. Magnesium and turmeric are just a couple of things that can benefit sore muscles. So, fruit like bananas and leafy green vegetables should all be a part of your diet. Why not make a smoothie to boost your intake?

You could also try our Balance Mineral Drink. It contains magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin D and calcium to support muscle health and improve energy levels. It also helps to replace nutrients that we lose through sweat when exercising. Added to water, it makes an ideal strawberry-flavoured post-workout drink.

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7. Sign up for a cycling event

Take your cycling to the next level by signing up for a cycling event near you. This is a great way to challenge yourself and accomplish something new. It can also be a great way to explore different cycling routes and meet other cyclists too.

8. Join a cycling club

Cycling with other people can help to push your fitness a little bit further by encouraging you to travel further and faster than you may do alone. It's also a good opportunity to get cycling tips from people experienced in the sport.

British Cycling provides details of clubs across the UK.

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