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S.A.C. Dip (Diet, Exercise & Fitness), Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology Level 3
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22 March 2019

Work exercise into everyday tasks

  • Take the stairs where possible
  • Walk to the shops, to do the school run, to visit friends etc. 
  • Follow an exercise video instead of watching television for an hour 

What are the benefits?

Often people are put off exercising because they feel they don’t have the time to do it. Exercise goals become much more achievable, however, if you are able to work in activities around your regular schedule. 

Many sporting activities come with a bit of a price tag – there are often monthly subscriptions to dish out and various bits of equipment you must buy – therefore, the activities listed above offer a free alternative. 

My advice: You can access exercise videos for free on YouTube or take a look at the ones we have to offer here at A.Vogel.

Get outside

  • Do an outdoor exercise class 
  • Run
  • Cycle

What are the benefits?

Exercising outdoors brings with it many benefits that we don’t get if we work out at the gym. It exposes us to vitamin D, for example, which is extremely important for bone health, immune function and muscle health

When running or cycling you don’t necessarily need to stick to local parks and roads either. These activities allow us to explore new places - simply pack your kit and head out, either on public transport or in your car, to wherever takes your fancy.

My advice: Outdoor exercise classes are growing in popularity as they are often free and offer a range of activities including yoga, buggy exercises, run classes and boot camps. If you live in the UK you can visit to find out if there is an outdoor exercise class in your area. 

Take up a ball sport

  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Volleyball

What are the benefits?

As you run, leap and stretch your way through these various ball sports it can aid many aspects of your health. 

These activities are classed as cardio workouts as they help to get the heart rate up. When done consistently this reduces the risk of heart attacks, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Cardio workouts don’t just benefit the heart, though, as they help to burn fat and calories too. Alongside maintaining a healthy diet filled with wholegrain foods, carbohydrates and fresh fruit and vegetables, this is important when trying to lose weight.

If you are feeling a little tired after your workout, or your muscles are achy and tense, then try our Balance Mineral Drink.

With magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin D and potassium, this drink supports normal mucle function and helps to reduce tiredess and fatigue.

My Top Tip:

Pour one sachet of Balance Mineral Drink into a glass containing 150ml of water or milk and then stir well. The drink has a natural strawberry flavour so is both refreshing and tasty!

"This is just what I needed after the gym, I find those shakes too thick but this was very refreshing."

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Try something new

  • Badminton 
  • Belly dancing
  • Skiing
  • Climbing

What are the benefits?

Trying something new provides the opportunity to meet new people and build confidence but, if you are more interested in the physical gains to be made, there are still plenty.

A new activity will work out areas of your body that get less attention – this explains any stiffness or soreness you feel the next morning! Climbing works multiple muscles, for example, from your fingers all the way down to the backs of your legs, so this is a good all-body workout.

New activities are also very stimulating so, if you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut, or that you are bored, exercise can help to liven things up. Exercise improves mood too, which should boost your overall feeling of wellbeing.

My advice: Trying a new sport may be a bit daunting but through an introductory course or, at the very least, a few lessons, you’ll receive the guidance and confidence to get going.

Get fit at home

  • Gardening
  • Try push ups in television ad breaks
  • Use resistance bands

What are the benefits?

Doing exercise at home means you can easily fit it around things that you would be doing anyway. Does the garden need a clear up? Well, spend an hour digging and tidying rather than a half-hearted half hour pulling weeds. Don’t want to miss your favourite soap? Well, do a few sit ups or stretches in the add breaks. There are so many ways to keep active throughout your daily activities.

These days more and more of us are living a sedentary lifestyle where we spend lots of time sitting down. This can have quite a negative impact on our health, putting us more at risk of issues such as high blood pressure, poor circulation, muscle pain and stiffness, and swelling.  Working in activities like gardening and push ups into your free time (as well as all the other things I’ve mentioned in this blog!) will help to prevent you living a sedentary lifestyle. 

My advice: Resistance bands can be purchased at a relatively low price online and in sports shops. Follow our guide to exercising with resistance bands to get the most out of this activity!

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Peanut butter is a great food to fuel up on before a 5K or 10K because of its low GI, high carbohydrate and high protein content.

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