Are allergies a sign of a weakened immune system?

Learn more about the link between allergies and immune health

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Ask Louise

18 January 2021

Are allergies a sign of a weakened immune system?

The immune system and allergies are very closely linked.

Allergies generally indicate that the immune system is in a kind of overdrive, reacting to a whole host of things that don't actually cause any harm to the body. A little bit of animal dander, for example, poses no threat to the body; but, in allergy sufferers, the immune system basically believes that it does.

In response to allergens, the immune system can then trigger processes like inflammation, which leads to common symptoms like itchy skin or irritated eyes.

Also, unfortunately, if the immune system isn't working at top form, it may be more likely to react to allergens like dander, and symptoms may become more persistent.

My Self-Care Tip: Strengthen the immune system to tackle allergies

Give your immune system a helping hand and manage your allergies at the same time!

How to help both allergies and the immune system

When it comes to tackling allergies and supporting immune health, keep in mind 'ABC': antihistamines, botany and vitamin C. Let me explain a little further...

A natural antihistamine helps to manage allergy symptoms by blocking the release of histamine, which triggers many allergy-related issues. This makes them a good option if you already have symptoms, or know they are about to come on. During the hayfever season, for example, would be a good time to start taking antihistamines.

My Top Tip:

Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets are a natural hayfever and allergic rhinitis remedy. You can take two tablets three times a day before meals and they are non-drowsy which is a superb benefit.

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Next, when I mention botany, I mean plants (of course!) and, more specifically, nettle. It is another natural antihistamine, so a couple of cups of nettle tea a day could benefit those prone to allergy symptoms. Alternatively, a nettle tincture could be an option.

Lastly, vitamin C. It is yet another of nature's very own antihistamines, plus it is very good for the immune system. Double bonus! You can take it in supplement form, such as Nature C Tablets, or pack it into your food. A smoothie or soup is a great way to boost your vitamin C intake. Use foods like carrot, broccoli and pepper to make your own creations, or check out our recipe hub if you would like a step-by-step guide.

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