Burning nose – is this a sign of allergies?

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17 August 2020

Burning nose

A burning nose may appear to be quite an unusual symptom but, in fact, there are several things that may contribute to the problem. To understand more on this issue, this blog covers:

  • Can allergies cause a burning nose?
  • How do you soothe irritated sinuses?
  • Reasons for a burning nose

Can allergies cause burning nose?

Allergic rhinitis sufferers may experience a burning sensation in the nose. This is caused by inflammation which irritates the lining of the nose. Inflammation itself is triggered by contact with allergens like animal dander and pollen.

This is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

My Self-Care Tip: How to tell if you have an allergy

Are you unsure what could be the reason for your symptoms? Take a look at my video below for information on the key features of allergic rhinitis.

How do you soothe irritated sinuses?

If you have developed a burning nose and know the cause to be allergies, you could try some of the remedies below.


These are widely available and work by blocking the production of histamine which is released by the body when it comes into contact with an allergen.

Histamine is a chemical responsible for triggering inflammation and the associated symptoms.


Decongestant nasal sprays work to reduce swelling in the nasal passages and relieve symptoms such as congestion. They are easily available from pharmacists.

Nasal Sprays

Natural nasal sprays offer an alternative to conventional allergy remedies.

One option is the Sinuforce Dry Nose Spray, which works to soften mucus and moisturise the nose. This may, in turn, soothe the burning sensation you are experiencing.

A unique benefit of this particular nasal spray is that it can be used for an extended period of time of up to 30 days.

My Top Tip:

Spray once into the nostril 1-2 times a day.

"This helped within a couple of days. No more sore, painful, uncomfortable nose for my mum."

Read more customer reviews

Other reasons for a burning nose

If it does not seem that allergies are to blame for your symptoms, there are a few other possible triggers.

Cold viruses

If you have symptoms like fatigue or a cough as well as a burning nose, it may be that a cold virus is at play.

Top tip: Take Echinaforce for symptomatic relief from a cold or flu.


The sinuses sit behind the forehead and cheeks and can become inflamed due to an infection. This can feel a lot like a cold.

Sinus infections are caused by bacteria, and can result in a build-up of mucus in the sinuses. This typically causes pain, pressure and congestion, but may also result in a burning sensation.

Top tip: Put bowls of water on radiators or use humidifiers/ misters to help soothe your sinuses – just keep any pets or small children out of the way!

Non-allergic rhinitis

This causes allergy-like symptoms that persist year-round.

These symptoms aren't necessarily the result of allergens like pollen, and instead the individual may experience symptoms as a result of irritation from other factors, such as pollution in their town or city. Another common trigger is a sensitivity to specific chemicals, such as those from air fresheners or cleaning products.

Top tip: Do an environmental audit to identify your triggers, so you can avoid contact with them and keep your symptoms under control. Be wary of the harsh chemicals found in make-up, cleaning products and air fresheners.

Respiratory conditions

A respiratory infection can occur in the nose, throat or lungs. This may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever, cough or tiredness.

People with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, older adults and young children may be more at risk of a respiratory tract infection.

Note: If your symptoms persist longer than a week, please contact your doctor for advice.

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