How do you get rid of an allergy cough?

Allergies Advisor
Ask Louise

21 February 2019

Can allergies give you a cough?

If you are sensitive to pollen, animal dander, mould spores or dust mites and then breathe in these things, they can cause irritation at the back of the throat. In order to remove these things the body triggers a cough

Allergies can also bring about a problem known as the postnasal drip. As allergens irritate the nasal passages, inflammation can arise. In order to address this problem more fluid is produced by the nasal membranes. This is an attempt to trap and flush out unwanted allergens but, on occasion, the fluid builds up and then drips down the back of the throat. Once again this can give rise to coughing. 

How long does an allergy cough last?

If it is pollen you react to the cough is likely to persist throughout the months of March to August as this is when plants fertilise and pollen levels are at their peak. When it comes to other allergens like mould and dust mites, the severity and duration of your cough will really depend on how much of these things are in the environment around you. 

Therefore, as long as the allergen remains – there are high pollen counts, for example, or a mould problem persists – so too will the cough.

Natural remedies for an allergy cough

From herbal remedies to homemade treatments, there are a number of ways to address an allergy cough. 

  • Honey and lemon – a cup of hot water mixed with fresh lemon and a squeeze of honey is very soothing for an irritated throat
  • Stay hydrated – drinking lots of water will help to soothe the back of the throat and prevent the area from becoming dry and irritated. Water also has the added benefit that it rinses the throat thus helping to rid it of unwanted allergens

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  • Avoid smoking – this includes smoking yourself, as well as people around you who smoke and areas where the atmosphere is dry and smoky. This is likely to exacerbate any cough that is the result of an allergy
  • Try Pollinosan – Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets are made from a traditional combination of herbs. They help to address a range of hayfever and allergic rhinitis symptoms including a tickly throat so can be beneficial if you’re suffering from an allergy cough. To find out more about Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets click here!

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