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Diet for IBS

Can you manage IBS through diet?

Our expert Ali explores the impact of your diet in IBS. We discuss how you should go about deciding what foods to include and what problem foods you might consider eliminating from your diet if you have IBS.


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  • Christine Clacher's photo avatar
    Christine Clacher — 15.11.2017 18:41
    Im unsure if i have ibs as i havent yet been to the drs but i get a majority of the symptons except for constipation/diarreah. Ive been sick due to the uncomfortable pain i get in the middle of my belly at the top under my breast line, and not around my belly area as others have said when diagnosed with ibs. Ive lost half a stone in less than a week because i cant eat as it makes me feel sick as the pain returns and sits deep at the bottom of my throat. I get the bloatedness when in pain. Does this sound like ibs symptons? Thankyou


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 16.11.2017 13:43
      Hi Christine, this doesn't sound like very typical IBS symptoms so we would have to recommend you go to your doctor to find out what might be going on.


  • Charlotte Brecknock's photo avatar
    Charlotte Brecknock — 06.11.2017 18:21
    Hi I've have ibs sometimes it's so bad I'm in agony and end up throwing up I've been prescribed mebravine by my doctor but been told I can only take it if I have a flare up but when I have a flare up I am in agony why can't I take it 3 times a day ?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 07.11.2017 09:04
      Hi Charlotte, unfortunately we would have to refer you back to the doctor who prescribed the medication with any questions that you might have regarding the directions of use. Also, as your symptoms are so severe, we would be encouraging you to return to your doctor anyway to have this investigated further.


  • Rachel Smart's photo avatar
    Rachel Smart — 03.10.2017 14:19
    Hi I have just been on the journey to test for celiac or chromed disease my results were negative so I'm guessing I have IBS. My symptoms go from constipation to diarreah, stomach cramps, major bloating of the stomach, fatigue and nausea. Does this sound like IBS? I am trying to follow a gluten free diet and am taking probiotics which have helped with the bloating. This is a good website for facts.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 04.10.2017 07:32
      Hi Rachel, Constipation will cause diarrhoea (by irritating the gut lining), as well as the other symptoms, so that's the thing to focus on resolving. Have a check of the constipation pages on here and see if you can get a daily (preferably twice-daily) bowel movement going, and see how much benefit that brings you. Gluten-free will help with this so long as it's not the type of gluten-free that still includes lots of rocky road and pizza!! Best Wishes, Ali


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