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IBS and dizziness

Are IBS and dizziness linked?

In this page, our expert Ali explains why IBS might be causing you to feel dizzy or lightheaded, and discusses the different approaches you can take to minimise these problematic symptoms.


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  • Lyndsey 's photo avatar
    Lyndsey — 10.02.2018 21:06
    Hi there i am desperately seeking help, i have been having kidney pain for 7 weeks, but also feeling full and terrible Bloating with nasty pains, today i keep feeling dizzy, i am awaiting a dieticians Appointment to come through to help me start the fodmap Diet as i have IBS, i am taking omeprazole to help my stomach, i have a few problems all happening at the same time. But i am desperate for someone to help Me get rid of this bloating and pain feeling. I feel like i am full right up to my neck, i have not eaten in a few hours but i dont feel like i can all though i am feeling hungry. I have 2 little ones, one whos asthma is playing up terribly and really needs my attention to help with his medications, my gp are doing referals but i have to wait until march and april. If anyone has any ideas what i can do i would be forever greatful. The dizzyness lasts between a few seconds to a minute and happens every 10-30 mins, today is the first time and im feeling really worried. Sorry for the long post was hoping i could give as much info. Many thanks


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 12.02.2018 09:19
      Hi Lyndsey, It sounds as if your symptoms are quite severe and it would be irresponsible to give you any advice over the internet, especially as you have kidney pains and kidney problems ALWAYS have to be treated by a doctor. I think you should ring your surgery and ask for an emergency appointment, especially as you have children dependent on you being able to cope with them and their own health needs. In the meantime, make sure you are drinking plenty of warm water, as this will at least ensure that you are not dehydrated, which causes lots of symptoms itself. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Amber 's photo avatar
    Amber — 15.08.2017 17:18
    This is the first time this has happened to me. I got super dizzy and had to lay my head down at work until the room stopped spinning. Shortly after that, my stomach started its tell-tale signs of IBS. As that rose, the dizziness went away. Only then did I think to look up if IBS can even cause dizziness. I had no clue and I think I'll let my doctor know about this new symptom!


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 16.08.2017 06:53
      It's always sensible to talk to your doctor about new symptoms, especially if they may concern your blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Mary williams's photo avatar
    Mary williams — 11.07.2017 15:37
    Hello i told i have ibs but i get pain and bloating every day all day and feel i cant breath somtimes it feels like all of a sudden my stomache fills up with air then i go dizzy it aches pain and tight i also get headaches tired shattered when doing anything


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 12.07.2017 06:45
      Hi Mary, It sounds as if you could do with some more investigation to see what exactly is causing all these symptoms - a diagnosis of 'IBS' can sometimes be a bit lazy! You could also work with a nutritional therapist locally, who could liaise with your doctor and monitor you through an individualised programme. Go to to find your nearest practitioner. Best Wishes, Ali


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